How to Backup – Restore Call Log and SMS from Android to Gmail

Backing up Phone data time to time is a good practice. With Android, it is possible to keep your Contacts synced with Gmail all the time. Apart from contacts, Android also syncs your app list. So, this feature helps you to get back the apps and contacts when you flash or factory reset your phone. Sadly, there is no in-built feature in Android to Sync your SMS, MMS or call log to and from Gmail.

So how do you benefit by syncing SMS and call log to Gmail? This might be a question in your mind if you are already using SMS apps like Go SMS, Handsent SMS etc. To backup SMS. Well, by sync feature you can get all your SMS and Call Logs directly on the fresh device. There is no need to worry about downloading additional SMS apps and searching for the back up file on your SD card.

It will be much more convenient to have things backed up with Google. So lets see how to achieve this feature on your Android Phone.

How to Backup/ Restore Call Log, SMS and MMS to Gmail

What you will need:

To start with this tutorial, first you will need an Internet connection, an Android Phone running on Gingerbread and above. Last thing will be a small free app- Backup message & call to Email from Google Play.

android sms back to gmail

Features of Backup message & call to Email

  • Simple UI and easy to configure
  • Backup/restore your SMS to/from Gmail
  • Backup/restore your call log to/from Gmail
  • Backup/restore your MMS to/from Gmail
  • Support to login Gmail with XOAuth
  • Support to hide application icon
  • Bring up the app from dial pad using custom number

Configuring Backup message & call to Email

android call log restore

As I have mentioned earlier, it is very easy to configure. In the mandatory section, you will just need to login with your Gmail ID. Then you can select the services to backup. Best practice will be to keep the auto sync feature on. It might increase your data usage a bit but you can forget about manual backups.

Organizing Synced Call Log and SMS on Gmail

Android Call log Sync

Before you start syncing your SMS, MMS or call log, it is advisable to change the Gmail label for call log and messages. This automatically syncs the fields with custom labels in Gmail. Hence it’s easy to locate and work with.

Restore Call Log and SMS on New device

Restoring SMS and call log is easy. You just need to install the app on new / freshly formatted device and login with your Gmail ID that you used previously to backup. Select the restore tab with the fields selected you can restore all the data. That’s it, now you won’t be losing your call logs and SMSes.

How do you Backup Android SMS and Call Logs?


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  1. Varun says:

    Nice application for saving our call logs and SMS.

  2. Nihar says:

    Great tip. Thanks for sharing this.

    BTW, i think in first paragraph of this post you have in-build instead you should have in-built.

  3. great tips but will this app effect the processing speed of the phone………

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