How to Install and Play N-Gage Games On S60v5 Handsets

Nokia N-Gage gaming is one of the most popular gaming environment that Symbian game lovers would always want. It was rather S60v3 which got full support from Nokia for N-Gage gaming. But With the evolution of touch screen phones, the S60V5 models only a few like the N97 got official N-Gage gaming support from Nokia. This Might be a bit disappointing fact for game lovers as most of the people now are possessing a touch screen phone and as a matter of fact there are very few good quality games in S60v5.

The reason for N-Gage not supporting touch screen phones are their requirement to have a physical keypad. V5 models available nowadays do not have that. Specially the ones that are commonly used such as 5800XM, 5230, 5233, 5235 etc. But now there is a way to Install N-Gage and play those games that you always wanted to. Here is a step by step guide on how to do this.

Install N-Gage

  • First thing that you must do is hack your phone, If it is already hacked then proceed to the next step else hack your phone first reading this tutorial.
  • Personally I have tested N-Gage application with Nokia 5235 hence this must also work on 5230, 5233 etc. Download N-Gage application for 5800XM and Download N-Gage application for 5235, 5230, 5233. I have preferred different installers because the installer for 5800 did not work on my 5235, it will just install in a second and no icons will appear in the application menu.
  • It is a sis/sisx file, just copy it to your memory card and install it through the file manager.
  • Once installed you can find it under application menu.

Installing Virtual Keyboard

As N-Gage games require keyboard support and we do not have that in our phones then the best and only option left is to emulate it. So we will use virtual Keyboard for this purpose. This installer will work on all S60V5 phones though on the download page it is written as virtual keyboard for 5800.

Once the virtual keyboard is installed there are few settings that you need to do with it.

  • Open virtual keyboard from application menu.
  • You will find that it is not in English font. So go to the first option where Default is selected. Tap on that menu and select 5800-ngage.
  • Selecting 5800-ngage will bring a small V_K box at top of the screen. Tap this box and select N-Gage Controller.
  • N-Gage controller bar will appear on the screen and will remain there though the main application in minimized.
  • You can close the application for time being.

Installing N-Gage Games

You can visit N-Gage official website to download some trial games. Remember, not all games are compatible so download only for N97. Few games that I was successfully able to play are FIFA 2008, 2009, Asphault4 and Spores. Now there are 2ways in which you can install.

  • By connecting to Pc with Nokia Pc Suit- Download the game and select it, it will be automatically transferred to phone and next time when you start N-Gage application the game will be installed.
  • By copying the game to Memory Card-  In the root of memory card you will find a folder named N-Gage. Copy the game installation files to this folder and then start N-Gage, the games will be installed.

Note: Keep the RomPatcher patches enabled while installing the games, else the games will not be installed and exit with an error.

Playing Games

First thing you should do before running the N-Gage application is to disable Rompatcher patches else this may be one of the reasons for the game to exit with a KERN EXEC 3 error. Now follow the steps.

  • Run the Virtual Keyboard as told earlier.
  • Then run the N-Gage application.
  • Select any installed game and press OK to start it.

Some Common Problems in Playing N-Gage Games

Well, truly speaking there are many problems that you face while playing games on N-Gage. I have tried dozens of games but out of them only few worked well. KERN EXEC 3 is such an error that you will find while trying to start most of the games. For testing purpose I have tried cracked version of a game that did not run and exited giving error, but the trial version of same game downloaded from official site worked smoothly.

There is also an annoying problem with the Virtual Keyboard. Key pressed once in one direction tends to be kept pressed in that direction only, this is a real trouble while playing Asphault4, FIFA and specially Spores. In FIFA you will find yourself at key shortage, though the game runs fine. Some times even if the patches are enabled the game fails to install. There are times when the application runs out of memory and hence stops giving a warning message to close some of the applications first. In this situation I will recommend you to have a task manager at hand like the Handy Task Manager.

Note: Please DO NOT ask for links to cracked games here. These can be found easily by doing a simple Google search.


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  1. I love to play games. This tips will be really helpful

  2. Raeki says:

    Hi bro..
    Why link of download ngage installer for 5230 is not valid???

  3. Coppy says:

    Hi, i have the same problem as you when installing n gage on my 5530XM, except it does take its time to install but doesn’t give me any shortcuts.

    Thnx for this tutorial anyway. Sad but true it didn’t work for me.

    • raymond says:

      search cecell nokia 5530 ngage repack on daily mobile forum to download it works but i dont know how to control playing the games

      • Coppy says:

        Yea i found it already. Btw, there is a BETTER way to play ngage games with no need of virtual keyboard. If you have a BTH keyboard, it can be connected to your phone with an application, which name i sadly cannot remember…. But you can find allkinda fun by just googling 😉

      • Fiks says:

        i have 5530xm, and i try ngage 5530 repack by cecel,
        it not works, why.?
        please help
        send solution to
        thanks before
        sorry my english bad

    • huzenify says:

      ummmh . . . .i have succesfulli installed mmy n-gage games in my 5230. but any some games will not running fine, like re:degeneration. virtual key pad it doznt work . . . . for starting the button star of the game. any help?

  4. bard says:

    help me…i use nokia 5530 xm…i manage to download n install to my phone.. all of sudden, an error pop out..
    it says : “cerfiticate error. Please contact the application supplier.”

    zz… help me please…

  5. Nitish says:

    my phone is hacked but still its showing unable to install application from untrusted supplier!!!!!

    • sudip says:

      hi, nitish first u download ‘free singer’ apps in ur mobile.then open the freesinger and add ur ‘file’ and then ‘remove sign’ and ,’go’.then ur file will be unsigned now u install ur file surely.100000% working…….. And please say thanks to me friends Nitish.

  6. Lukaa says:

    Hey im using Nokia 5230…..And thank youuu verry very much!! I have now ngage on my nokia…yOU ARE KING!! 😀 your fan froom croatia! 😀

  7. Sarah James says:

    I had an Nokia N82 which had lasted me some time and was beating away all pretenders to the throne. It had proved a very capable phone with its highly regarded camera and the stability of S60 3rd Edition. That said I had wanted a change for a good while, only nothing that came along was managing to get my pulse racing. I had been thinking the iPhone 3GS was next on my list but, to be sure I liked an all touch screen device, I decided to test the water with a Nokia 5800.

  8. Juandevn says:

    Is it possible to use and play with my nokia x6?

  9. seomadness says:

    Hello, As a Newbie, I’m constantly searching on the internet google for posts which will assist me. Thank you.

  10. Newbie says:

    I have a Nokia X6 and none of the installers install ngage. Both of the installers install in one second and nothing appears in the menu.
    How do i Install Ngage on a nokia X6?

  11. debopom says:

    hey i can’t play the resident evil ngage on my 5235. Plz help

  12. thx for this post ! very informative !

  13. ADITYAGIGS says:

    cant install n-gage on my nokia 5230…….it shows certificate error after signing it with
    free-signer also………… plzzzzz

    • adil says:

      dont worry go to my site and download just hack now go to and dload just hack kit and hack u rphone so easy to hack MY BRo… TRy this i ve worked my own 5233,5230,5800

      • tavox says:

        may be can you help me man, a try for months install the n-gage signed and with rompacher or hack my nokia 5233 but i cant i hope you can help me man and thanks for everything.

  14. ADITYAGIGS says:

    lukka my frnd can you tell how did you install n-gage on your nokia 5230……..i cant install it on my phone……please help………….tell me how you installed it in details

  15. Hammad says:

    hey can some1 plaese tell me a few full version games dat i can play on ngage

  16. I just study car piece of yours also it was quite great. This is a great post thank you for sharing this informative information. I will visit your site regularly for many most recent publish.

  17. david says:

    does the games play full sreen?

  18. Coppy says:

    I came to update my comments. I got the ngage 5530 repack from mobile9, installed successfully etc. But still somehow it gives me an error & crashes when trying to start any game in ngage.. I’ve disabled the open4all plugin in rompatcher+ as required, even tried disabling all patches but no success. Touchscreen phones simply aren’t made for mobile gaming purposes….

    • Sourojit says:

      @coppy: True, if you are able to play also it will be just a satisfaction that games are running..but finally one will realize that it’s not the gaming experience you needed..

  19. naved says:

    hi i m using nokia 5233 when i was installing this software a message is pop up that you don’t have certificate. plz help me out from this prob.

  20. Sbdevilmind says:

    Superb review. Am downloading the app as i speak. My phome is a 5233 (with custom firmware, prehacked). Till now none of the ngage games worked with me. Hope this applcation will be able to. Before, everything starting from ngage installation to games installation worked flawlessly. But when i open an installed game, the phone restarts (the screen goes off in a scary way).
    As for the problem that the author said about virtual keyboard keys getting locked, i have the solution and the reason. Reason: pressing a key and changing the position of the finger by sliding (even the slightest). Its like you want to change the position of the virtual keyboard by holding the keyboard and dragging to another position on the screen. Solution: press the same key that got locked, once.

  21. Riski says:

    how i can get like your key board like this :
    couse i m like this : [ ok up down menu ]

  22. Riski says:

    this your key board :

  23. Riski says:

    like your picture fourth i haven’t lef and right

    sorry my en

  24. Enda Heyveld says:

    Wow, this was a real quality post. In theory I’d prefer to write like this too – taking time and real effort to create a decent article… but what am I able to say… I keep putting it off and never seem to urge one thing done

  25. Great tips I will be able to attempt it undoubtedly thanks for sharing this

  26. thansil noushad says:

    i have a problem while downloading ngage game in there official site.there is and error shown while updating and downloading games.pls help me

    • adilansari says:

      YOu Come With Me My Site Hear IS daily Updated.. New software games N gage Content…(OR) more…. and you Plz Not Don’t Download Officiall COz WE mobile Not Support N gage Content But Some Techniques MAde Is Possible hack And download Go to My site See The you Mighht Also LIke you Seen the n gage Content

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  30. Tonita Adlam says:

    Pretty insightful publish. Never thought that it absolutely was this simple after all. I had spent a superior deal of my time craving for someone to explain this topic clearly and you?€?re the sole 1 that ever did that. Kudos to you keep it up

  31. Great tips I will strive it undoubtedly thanks for sharing this

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  34. Daniel Sosa says:

    Hello Sourojit.

    I’ve installed the N-Gage app sucessfully on my Nokia 5230, but the virtual keyboard doesn’t show the “5800” option and doesn’t have the “N-Gage Controller” option either.

    Can you help me please?

  35. denis says:

    unable to install game (erorr-1)
    help me plizzzz

  36. vampfoxx says:

    why go through such a complicted process for something that might permanantly damage your phone has a full garentee of not working properly? There are these games i got..but theyre in note do i get it to work on Ngage?

  37. jake says:

    …what should i do??…when i trying intall the virtual keyboard on my nokia 5233 always had an error..saying that its contraned by the certificate..but i signed it the sis.file….with my developed .cert & .key….plss teach me how 2 install it….or giv me a site that i can download the virtual keyboard thet can be install on my phone…

  38. Shovon says:

    Can I play n-gage games in C5-03?

  39. yemko says:

    please help me! phone crashes/phone reboot itself whenever i want to start any game why? Is anybody experiencing this problem?

  40. yemko says:

    i installed the ngage installer and games to E/ drive but phone reboot…

  41. Rome23 says:

    I m using nokia c6-00 n i have hacked it with hellox2 n i have installed d emulator. But i cant find any icon in my application menu. Please help

  42. Mr. Doom says:

    Where are you admin? I’ve a question here. Pls do reply. KERN-EXEC3 is the error. It stops when i play worms world party. What to do now? I did everything as you instructed. Pls suggest me some games too.

  43. daniyal says:

    ngage inteller not intalle game in my 5233 come an error ‘corrupted file’

  44. SHALRU says:

    I have installed N-gage on my Nokia 5233,it works great.I have installed games like Fifa ’08,Fifa ’09,Sims Pet 2,Spores…pls say which all games will work in my mobile…I need some shooting action games like Resident Evil Regeneration…but it does open..does’nt show any error but just to run such games,pls advice me..& guys pls hack your mobile…signing is useless now…use Norton Security & Rompatcher lite 3.1+ to hack your S60v5 mobiles…its safe & works well..go to mymobstuff[dot]com all details r given there.

  45. warlord says:

    hey sourjit buddy i have installed n-gage that u gave but when i insatll virtual keyboard that your step that we have to press default then again we have to press that and select 5800 n-gage but my nothing is coming it just says same default vki-english but it dosent shows taht help plzzzz bro…………

  46. kelvin says:

    but dude i have downloaded the games but i dint how in which folder they should be placed and whenever i open the virtual keyboard only the default and other two english language are present and no 5800 is there help me

  47. kelvin says:

    and even i placed my games in the ngage folder nothing happens

  48. asif says:

    N-gage install in seconds in my x6 16gb but its icon not appear in application please help!!!!!!!!

  49. Heri says:

    I’ve tried any n-gage launcher from any site,,but only few of games could be played..i really want to play re;degeneration…

  50. arf says:

    i want to install n-gage in Nokia x6.pls help me&give me a tutorial about it.

  51. koyani says:

    installed n-gage on my 5800 but it give system error when i open it…………….

  52. maka788 says:

    hey i have got a huge problem… I have nokia c6-00 and when i install ngage it doesn’t show the icon like i didn’t even installed it but i’ve seen on youtube people playing ngage games on nokia c6…pls help me…i am so tired of playing over and over again polarbit games 🙁

  53. Sam says:

    Hi there, thanks for the tips

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