How to Access Internet on Computer through Micromax PC suite via GPRS

Micromax Q7 Internet Connection with your PC/Laptop/Computer for GPRS is as easy as accessing Docomo-Airtel GPRS Internet from the mobile. All you need to do is to have the Micromax Q7 PC suit along with the modem driver (basically Inf file), which are available on their official website.

Connect Micromax PC suit GPRS internet [Windows 7 & Vista]

Step I:
First of all you need to download the Micromax PC suit and driver file which is available on, just select your model (say Q7). Now save your modem driver to file location as
C:\ Micromax USB Drivers\ and PC suit on any location.

Step II :
Plug in the Micromax Q& mobile via USB connectivity as of now you can see three option on your mobile as, 1) Mass storage 2)Com port 3)Web cam. Here one has to go for Com port ,press OK.
Now, Goto >> Start>>(right click on) Computer >>Manager>>Device manager
Here you can see your PC name on the top listed in device manager and go for Add legacy hardware& then proceed to add new device as mentioned in step 1 and 2 on the screen shots.

Step III:

Again , Do as directed as mentioned in the screen shot for step no 3 & 4

Step IV:
After proceeding further ,here you will be prompted for the big list of various hardware. You  need to choose “MODEM” and click on next:

Step V:
Go for manual modem list selector as shown in screen shot step 6. You will be asked to install the modem drivers for Q7, just browse the folder and select the path where you have copied the respective driver files say ‘C:\ Micromax USB Drivers\’clcik next and the drivers will get installed.

Step VI:

Now your Q7 modem will be on the list named as ‘Media TEK’ click on ‘MTK GPRS Modem’ to proceed further as figure out on screen seve step no 7

Step VII:

Once you followed all the previous stage successfully ,now you can see the Com port where the USB is connected. Please note that it is/can be different for the all PC/Laptops , so here you can see COM 4 but it may be different for you say Com1 or to like that. So click on next as shown in screen shot no 8. Here you will be through with the Modem installation its now time to connect the Internet.

Step VIII:

Run your PC suit from the location where you have copied(downloaded). I have uploaded screen shot of Q7 PC suit , please examine it carefully. At the bottom right of the PC suit You can see the connected message which I have highlighted with round. Guys , please note that unless you don’t see that connected message you cant access your PC suit and that might also indicate that PC suit is not connected properly.

Step IX:

Once you get successfully connected with Q& PC suit now go for “create  connection “ here you have to create new connection. For Tata Docomo click on ‘Tata Docomo’ as stp no 8 from screen shot. Just press create button and you are done.

Step X:

Now click on Dial up Menu and you can see your created connection say GPRS_Tata_Docomo. Now Just Dial up the selected connection. The same steps can be repeated for the Airtel GPRS as well.

Micromax Q7 GPRS connectivity for Windows XP

Same set of procedure has to be applied for connecting Q7 with win XP as mentioned in our earlier article of LG C2500 Internet connection.

So Follow the step 1 to step 5 from the LG c2500 article and rest of the procedure follow from Step VI to X from this article and apply minute changes as needed.


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  1. gagarin says:

    Good thing you are doing…………..To make aware about these types of things is a great job……………

    • Nitin says:

      I am Glad that you really liked the articles here on Blogsolute. Keep visiting we will continue working on technical ideas………

      • ravi says:

        hi nitin,
        thanks for the solution. but i am still stuck up with the pc suite. the phone does not connect to the pc through the suite and the msg at the bottom remaind disconnected.
        lz help.

        • PRANYA says:


  2. ajeet says:

    i want to connect internet with q7 how to possible pls give me some step

  3. sri says:

    i had a good idea with your information about that you have given a procedure to connect a phone with laptop .but one more request that if possible you mail me the procedure to connect the micromax x360 phone to my laptop
    thanking you

  4. sri says:

    i want to connect internet with micromax x360 please give me a tips to connect

  5. shashi says:

    just pair ur device with ur laptop
    a dialogue box will appear with many functns like connect to internet,call, hangup, etc.
    just click on connect option
    it will get connected
    i subscribed with the gprs service

  6. Mohit Jain says:

    Hi Nitin,
    i tried to do the same but couldn’t success.
    i got fail in step 7 as it’s not showing any com port.

  7. pavan says:

    Keep up the good work dude.

  8. nkc says:

    Great help Dude, keep this social service going.

  9. Rajesh Chandra says:

    recently i have downloaded Micromax Q7 phone suite to connect the phone to the PC so i canm take backup of Phone numbers, messages and other things , but don’t know how to? Can anyone help me. Please

  10. jaspreet says:

    please tell the procedure for micromax q 75 for connected it with pc for internet please it urgent
    my email id is

  11. Daniel says:

    Hi, thnx 4 d information. it really helps. sadly, iam getting stuck wid a message “ppp link control protocal was terminated” when I dail up. plz help me.


  12. Ramvriksh says:

    sir any one can give me solution how to connect micromax x600 pc suite .
    i have connected internet through mobile but it will disconnect after five minutes why
    give me solution pls sir mail me at


  13. Manish says:

    Plz tell the procedure to connect internet from micromax Q75 to pc. My email id is (

  14. poorna salian says:

    i am having micromax x360 i want to connect it to my pc for internet connection. i have got cd along with handset how to install it hw to use it can u plz mail me

  15. nalin says:

    how can i read malayalam hindi news paper in MM Q7 mobile no fonts support in it.

  16. Jammie says:

    Can i connect through micromax q2 by same procedure????
    pls DO REPLY

  17. vikas says:

    Dear sir
    i have one question which is related to micromax q7 mobile
    so sir,
    can i use the micromax q75 pc suite for micromax q7 model ???? plz reply its very important plz plz plz plz plz

  18. Murali says:


    its very use full to me to connect to internet through mobile…

  19. Akash Anand Tyagi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have q7 and want to connect with pc (XP) to run Internet. I have completed all steps as you mentioned in above article but the connectivity comes just for a minute then phone shows disconnect. I have checked the driver for modem, it was showing driver files in XP-OS not as offered by micromax q7 website.

    I tried to browse the files as copied from q7 website but its showing driver files wrong not compatible with modem.

    Please help me to sort out the problem.

    Akash Anand Tyagi

  20. PURUSH says:

    i have x 600 micromax can i access internet through pc

  21. S.D. Joshi says:

    you said .inf file, i downloaded for xp,the driver for my q7 are in exe format, kaise karne ka?

  22. satish says:

    itz not work plz help me

  23. sankara prabhu says:

    thanks a ton sir
    i am happy to see i got connected to net only after i follwed ur steps
    i have a micromax q75
    got check if webcam works
    thanks once again

  24. sankara prabhu says:

    please tellme how to use the webcam option isee as soon i plugin the cable
    i only see a webcam symbol but not working
    in advance

  25. viral says:

    I required driver and pcsuit for q7 mobile.please send me that on my mail.

  26. VIJAYARYAN says:


  27. Vinay says:

    Can any one tell me how to get my phone book copy on PC from Micromax Q7

  28. Sagar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have a couple of password enabled wi-fi connections available.

    1. the first one needs a user-id and a password to connect. but i don’t know how to do this. in your previous solutions i saw some answers around entering the passwords, but what about the user ids?

    2. the second is also uid and password enabled, but we can connect first and then on the webpage, enter the details. I could connect to wi-fi here and when i open a WAP browser, it takes me to the policy and uid, password page. but i can not click the” accept” button here. i don’t know if its a known problem with q7. I am saying so since i could hit that “Accept” button on my laptop all the time…

    Appreciate all the help. thanks

  29. Sujoy Debnath says:

    From where I can get micromax PCsuite for my X600…I want to install that Pc suite in my Windows Vista Home basic.

  30. Nips says:

    why it shows “ppp link terminated” when i dial up?……plz help’ i tried the whole night….plz

  31. vedant kumar says:

    thank you budyy ……its working fine

  32. NAVEEN says:


  33. GOVI says:

    micromax q5 pc suite does not support fr windows7.if we go fr installin usb installer it shows dt fails to install usb drivers.wat to do? plssssss replyyyyyyy

  34. Mastan says:

    Hi nithin thanks for the solution.Now I connect net from my q75 mobile.


  35. LG says:

    Thanks dude !! A real good & useful article. I could able to do it in no time.

  36. ramidul says:

    sir, plz giv me the correct site to download micromax x600 pc sute

  37. Sir thanks for your steps n now i m connected to net via Micromaxq5. Thanks once again

  38. Arvind says:

    I have x 600 micromax can i access internet through pc Pls Send Me PC Suite

  39. Franklyn says:

    Hey Nitin
    Firstly, thanks a lot for furnishing the tuoral especially on the above topic
    Secondly, i use X360 model and somehow the steps encountered were a bit diferent still i was able to complete till the last step but when i click the dial up button, in seconds an error comes ‘The PPP link control protocol was terminated’
    can you tell why is it happening and also the solution available if any.

  40. usha says:

    I m not able to open the link given above ( I need Micromax PC suite and driver file for my Q7 mobile to access gprs from mobile to PC.

  41. vish says:

    i m facing problem with track ball.i am using micromax to overcome it?

  42. Bharat says:

    Dear sir,

    I am Writting to you with great hopes.

    I have a samsung Gt E 2152 phone which have web browsing on phone & is working fine.

    I need to connect to internet to my laptop through blutooth connection with this mobile , like i am doing it with Gt C 5010.

    with the same procedure i am not able to do it .

    plese extend help to resolve the problem .

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    With Regards,


  43. ROHIT GARG says:

    I want the pc suite for micromax gc360

  44. manthan says:

    after connection when doing dial up it shows “the ppp link contol protocol was terminated” what is this ? give me a solution

  45. Chethan says:

    Hi all,

    I need Q7 Modem drivers and pc suite to connect my phone to desktop.. I need this very badly.. if any has plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz- plz send it to my email ID (

  46. ash says:

    heyy the above procedure is nicely explained and easy to follow ..but plz give the website where i can download the pc suite ..bcoz i cliked on the website which is submitted up wen i download i get a rar file which i am not able to open.. so help me for that

  47. varunkhatri says:

    hi ……..

    i m using micromax x-600 i m able to connect to INTERNET with my phone . but whenever i connect my ph. with pc my web cam stop working i m unable to use web cam the error come ur device is already in use by another application or user..

    pls suggest..

  48. Suraj says:

    hi i am facing problem with my micromaxq5 pc suite installation.when i click on install driver it shows suggest or help to get pc suite for my windows xp

  49. stanly says:

    i have micromax x 600 , can use this web cam , when i connect Pc or Mac it is not coming , but in the Mac message : MT6235 using another application, how i change

  50. Balaji says:

    Hi Dear,

    Thanks a ton for sharing it with us. I am getting speed around 200- 240kpbs.

    Have a nice day ahead.

  51. G S Vidyarthi says:

    Thanks a lot brother. After installing the driver u need to disconnect the phone and then connect it again. If still not connected, change the port if options available.

  52. ANAND says:

    sir i m ver very thankfull to you you have solved y big problem sir thankyou very much you are a great person

  53. sabari says:

    thanx man i really needed this information…………cool………..

  54. jayesh bhatt says:

    thx for your service help

  55. Vijay says:

    hey my problem is that i could connect to the internet but after some time like two hours the connection is being terminated automatically .i have micromax q5 this is bothering me when i m downloading some thing.

  56. Amit says:

    Great work!


  57. Arvind says:

    I have my micromax X265 phone ,I searched the driver on Micromax website and I found they have not realeased the driver for Micromax x265 ….so anyone plz help me how to connect my phone to pc ………….
    my email id is

  58. Kamal says:

    It worked Nitin, Thanks a ton

  59. D.kumara swamy says:

    please send one email if anybody it that pc suite of micromax Q75, from one year i will searching that ok have a nice days yaaar’s and yaarnis please .

  60. kaladjj says:

    Sir thanks for your steps n now i m connected to net via Micromaxq5. Thanks once again

  61. kaladjj says:

    hey my problem is that i could connect to the internet but after some time like two hours the connection is being terminated automatically .i have micromax q5 this is bothering me when i m downloading some thing.

  62. kaladjj says:

    hey my problem is that i could connect to the internet but after some time like two hours the connection is being terminated automatically .i have micromax q5 this is bothering me when i m downloading some thing.

  63. kaladjj says:

    ey my problem is that i could connect to the internet but after some time like two hours the connection is being terminated automatically .i have micromax q5 this is bothering me when i m downloading some thing.

  64. pradip says:

    great thing u r doing sir!

  65. shrikant sanmukh says:

    while creating connection with micromax q5fb it require to fill name ,apn, and number.
    bt after filling that and dialing connection it shows check operator service in mobile..what are the settings in this connections for rcomnet to creat connection..
    plz reply..

  66. Rajesh says:

    Hi Nitin, I am trying to access internet on my Laptop(Win XP) using Micromax A70 BLUETOOTH. Unfortunatly it is not connecting.

    I am able to send and receive files between Laptop and Mobile, but when I am trying to create a network connection the wizard is unable to locate the Mobile. Wizard says unable to Search Bluetooth PAN device. Mobile bluetooth was on and in discoverable status during this activity.

    Do u have any manual process so that this device can be added to create the network connection ?

    Many Thanks in advance for your help / suggestion.

  67. Anshu says:

    I have Micromax Q7 and for connecting internet for my laptop downloaded modem file but both got in .rar extantion which is not installing. And even you are talking about .inf file. how did I get this?

    Pl help me to solve my problem. How .rar file will install and don’t understand.

    Pl send me both file by mail if possible.


  68. jitu says:

    hey i hav micromax q75 after dialup it shows ppp link protocol has terminated what is this? plz help

  69. Rameshwar says:

    there is no availability of micromax q5 pc suite on website

  70. Zahoor Bhat says:

    I have Micromax Q7 handset. I am unable to connect it to my Laptop having Windows 7 installed because I haven’t PC Suite. Will anyone of you please send me PC Suite via my email id: I shall feel highly obliged of his self.

  71. subhajit says:

    thanks a lot..the process worked with my micromax x505 mobile!! (:

  72. Lavkushpatel says:

    It is a very best pc suite. But that is problam as downloding so i am very angaree. Plz instal this softwaer. Plz plz..,

  73. pinku says:

    complete aii steps but pc suite shows disconnected.. suggest me to solve dis problem…

  74. Hemant Ranva says:

    when i connect micromax q75 mobile to pc then produce error(The PPP link control protocol was terminated) so,please solve my problem.

    Thanking You

    Hemant Ranva

  75. Manikandan says:

    I cant access my USD port it will show maldunctione can you help me

  76. preetham says:

    When I connect the USB cable to the mobile it shows Charger connected instead of three options to select, such as, mass storage, web cam, and com port.

    plzz help me

  77. ajmal says:

    mine is showing disconnected in pc suite please help me:)

  78. sidhajyoti says:

    Heyy I want to connect Q80 to pc bt can’t plzz tell me procedure..

  79. Ratish says:

    My phone is not comming to mobile wap page show mode its shows p.c pages thats are very large so it displayed memory full error massages in Micromax X210 handset

  80. sweety says:

    hello sir,
    I want pc suit for micromax gravity x650.please send it to my mail id .

  81. manoj says:

    i am hvng trble to dwnld pc suite for my mcromx x455 can u send me a link to download it….
    plz hlp

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