How to Remove “Windows 8 Pro build 9200” Watermark on Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8 Enterprise and Professional RTM versions are already leaked for download. There is still no KMS Activation available yet, but now you can remove the  Windows 8 Pro build 9200 watermark. It resides at the right bottom corner of Windows 8 desktop.

This task can be easily performed with the help of My WCP Watermark Editor. It is a portable tool to edit the predefined message in watermark with a custom one but we can easily use it to remove the entire watermark. So let’s see how we can remove Windows 8 watermark.

Using My WCP Watermark Editor

As I said earlier, Wcp Watermark Editor is very easy to use. Basically there are not many options to shed sweat with if you just want to remove the watermark. Here are the steps you need to go through while being booted into Windows 8.

remove-windows-8- evaluation-watermark

  • Open the application and check on the Remove all Watermark option. Ignore rest of the settings.
  • Once done click on to Apply New Settings. It also backups current settings, so you can always revert back to original state safely.

remove windows 8 evaluation watermark

  • This will take a while, so do not think that the application stopped responding.

  • As the processing is done you will be given a confirmation message.

Now close the application and reboot. The changes will be visible only after you have done a complete reboot, I did not change the wallpaper though.

remove windows 8 rtm watermark

I have tested this application with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, It will also work with the 32 bit version.

Note that you can also use this tool to edit the build number and other watermark display message. It not of any real use, except that you can keep your friends wondering.

Download My WCP Watermark Editor


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  1. Satoshi says:

    “Windows License valid for 90 days” is not removed with this tool.

    How I can remove it?

    • Sourojit says:

      Have u selected to remove all watermark option? Rebooted?

    • Sau Hi says:

      I’m too.

      “Windows License valid for 90 days” is not removed after reboot?

    • Boo the Dog says:

      I reversed engineered the utility for fun, it removes watermarks by editing:


      It looks for the watermark texts and images automatically and changes them to a space in the case of text and changes images with a transparent one. You can do the same thing using resource hacker and editing those files yourself.

      use this to edit them:

      Disclaimer: I giving this advice only for removing the build number which is annoying. You should remove the activation nag by actually activating a legitimate license key. In no way am I telling you that you should do this to remove the activation nags (which you could… but you shouldn’t!).

  2. Praba says:

    Bcoz autorestore of windows file as a inbuild and very high security release feature…i tried without so much without using that My WCP Watermark itself by tricks and tool after i got same error” Windows License valid for 90 days”..finally with that no use “My WCP Watermark “we should stop autorestore feature using some but it affect total security…..may be i will over so much blog and upload later…….

  3. ben says:

    can i use ‘My WCP Watermark Editor’ to remove watermark in Windows 7? Thanks.

  4. Joe says:

    I have tried your software to remove the watermark on windows 8 enterprise
    desktop but I still have “Windows License valid for 90 days” on the desktop. How can I remove it. Do you have a Windows 8 crack or loader?. And can I continue to use the Widows 8 enterprise even after the 90 days trial of expiry date. Thanks

  5. Sahib Yar says:

    I have activated my pirated windows 8 build 9200 but still my personalize settings are blocked 🙁 don’t know how to unlock them…. please “reply me” If anybody got the solution to the problem…

    • Rohit Langde says:

      I guess you may have used KJ Pirate Activator for Windows 8.
      That tool just corrupts system files and edits slmgr.vbs to fool that Windows is activated. It doesn’t actually activates you get an illusion that Windows is activated as it is written in System settings.

      • paresh says:

        also this problem create in my windows 8 pro.. I have activate it bye kj pirate activator.. So plz tell me which activator is best for active win8 pro.. Plz

  6. rajesh says:

    boss my Personalize settings are not working in my Win8 EP version from yesterday what can i do.. ? I am unable to change my account pic and start screen and lock screen pics plzz help me..

  7. Rantim says:

    I Tried A Watermark That Will Activate Ur Win 8 With A Retail License PERMANENTLY…! 🙂

  8. Philip Saldo says:

    This software affects my default apps in my startscreen. Can you please do anything to make my metro apps work again?

  9. Alexis says:

    Thank you, this way has sorted it out!!! Conglatulations

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