Schedule Appointments Online with SetMore: A Review

As a small business owner, managing customer appointments can be difficult, especially when your business is growing. Paper notes and excel spreadsheets are way old school and maintaining a consistent schedule between customers and staff members can be challenging at times.

More and more customers are spending their time online, so why not take appointments from the web? How about an appointment scheduling system which you can use to let your customers book appointments with your business from a webpage, anytime, anywhere?

SetMore – The Easiest way to Schedule Appointments online

Enter SetMore, a super easy way to let your clients and customers book appointments online. SetMore helps you manage appointments, schedules and customers, all through an easy to use web application.

set more online scheduling

Getting Started With Setmore – Create Your Free Account

Here’s how it works.

Head over to and create your free SetMore account. You can choose to get started with any plan of your choice, SetMore is completely free to try for the first 30 days.

Once you have selected a plan that fits your requirements, you will be asked to choose your business hours, set availability and define a time zone.

online task schedular

Next, add “staff members” or “service providers” who will actually provide the service to your customers. Your customers or clients will actually book appointments with your staff members, so it’s important that you add all your staff members in this step.

online schedule

Now that you have added staff members, you’ll be prompted to add the “services” you provide and specify a charge for each service. You can add as many services as possible, there aren’t any limitations on the number of services you can add to your SetMore account

setmore customer echedule online

Hit “Next” and you are all set to take appointments from your customers.

Online Appointment Calendar for Staffs and Employees

Your employees and staff members can see all their appointments in a sleek calendar interface, an example is shown below:

setmore customer schedule online

Rescheduling an appointment is easy, all you have to do is drag an appointment and drop it to a new appointment slot. When an existing appointment is modified, both the customer and the staff member will be notified of the new schedule via email and sms notifications. So the next time you receive a phone call from a customer who wants to reschedule an appointment, just drag the existing appointment to a new slot and its done!

Please note that no staff members will have access to customer information and neither one staff member will be able to know the appointments and schedules of other staff members. One staff member only gets to see the appointments that customers have booked with them in his unique online appointment calendar interface

Let Customer’s Book Their Own Appointments

Login to your SetMore account, click “Settings” and navigate to your “Booking page”. Here you will have your unique appointment booking URL, as shown in the following image:

online customer appointment

Your booking page is where all the magic happens, so it is a good idea to brand you booking page and pick a custom vanity URL for your online appointment booking page e.g

This has two advantages. First, a custom booking page URL can be easily remembered, so your customers can directly go to your appointment booking page and book an appointment.. Second, a custom booking page looks more branded and commands more trust, it gives your customers a feeling that it is actually you and not a third party software which you are using to schedule appointments online.

This is how a generic appointment booking page of SetMore looks like (see example)

online appointment booking

To let your customers book appointments, all you need to do is add a “Book an appointment” link to your website or let your customers know about your appointment booking page through other means e.g Facebook, Twitter, email signature, business cards etc.

When a customer books an appointment from the booking page, he and the staff member will get email and text notifications confirming that an appointment has been booked. The notification will also comprise of the time, date and the type of service the customer has subscribed to. Furthermore, the customer will be added to your Setmore’s customer base so the next time he books an appointment, you will be able to see that this is a recurring customer.

Once an appointment slot is booked, it is locked and will not be available to other customers unless the present customer cancels the appointment.

Email Notifications and Text reminders

With SetMore, you can choose to automatically notify your customers and staff members, when an appointment is booked or an existing schedule is changed. Currently, SetMore sends email notifications to staff members and customers when an appointment is booked, when an appointment is cancelled or when an appointment is modified.

online task schedule notification

You can schedule sms notifications at a predefined time, so your customers are reminded that they have an upcoming appointment they need to attend.

Here is how email notifications for appointments look like:

task schedular online

Google Calendar Sync

Do you use Google calendar to keep up with daily schedules, appointments and reminders? SetMore allows seamless integration with Google calendar so you can auto-sync all staff appointments to your Google account and see Google events in your SetMore online appointment calendar.


Facebook application: SetMore’s Facebook application can be used to take appointments from your Facebook pages, all you have to do is add SetMore’s Facebook app to your Facebook page and connect your SetMore account to your Facebook account.

When you’ve added a “Book an appointment” button to your Facebook page, your Facebook fans, customers or clients can book appointments with your business, directly from Facebook. Here is an example Facebook page of a SetMore user; they have integrated SetMore’s Facebook app on their page and are able to take appointments from Facebook fans.

facebook integration task schedular

WordPress Plugin: If you are using the self hosted WordPress CMS to power your website or blog, you can use SetMore’s WordPress plugin to quickly integrate SetMore appointments within your WordPress website.


SetMore is free to try for the first 30 days, absolutely no strings attached. SetMore comes with 3 plans, head over to the pricing page for more details

The Solo plan, starting at $9.95 per month lets you add one staff member to your SetMore account. The pro plan, starting at $19.95 a month lets you add up to 3 staff members while the PRO plan, starting at $39.95 a month lets you add up to 20 staff members. All plans lets you book and manage unlimited number of appointments.


Overall, SetMore is an easy to use appointment scheduling software that anyone can use to manage appointments online. The most impressive thing about SetMore is its ease of use, simplicity and no frill setup. SetMore operates from the cloud, so your customers can book appointments anytime, from anywhere.


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