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  1. I agree.

    Anyways, what’s the reason to use #tags in the author bio? Are comas (,) getting old fashioned?

  2. Tuhin says:

    Coz we Indians are too egoistic to follow someone, that too it suck when that fellow person don’t follows back!! Twiiter us for famous celebs.
    Facebook it waay waaay better than that shit.

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Good point Tuhin, Egoism is really an issue. Even on Facebook, people these days tend to unfollow if the friend request doesn’t get accepted. It is like- ‘Why should I listen to you when you don’t want to listen to me’ 😉

      Twitter isn’t actually for Celebs but you are known there by your tweets.. Once, you start tweeting good, eventually followbacks will start coming.

  3. Bingo!!

    If there were traditional comma(s) would you have taken the time to remark? No. It is just how you make the difference. May it be by inventing a window in the wall or may be just use # instead 😉

  4. Nihar says:

    Absolutely Right. Myself use facebook to promote the blog and also be in touch with friends than Twitter.

  5. Saurabh Rai says:

    yeah… actually right… I completely agree with all the points which you have discussed here.. but I think twitter is gaining popularity by overcoming these reasons..

  6. Hari krishna says:

    yeah… i agree with you… As per my point of view twitter is more useful to popular persons more than the common people. people like sports,cinema,top bloggers can get follower than normal people. Facebook is quiet different from twitter as per common people in India. More over features of Facebook is beating the twitter like chat,friends searching,photos,pages,communities. simply Facebook is more than twitter. This is the simple reasons people stay on facebook in more time.

  7. @Saurabh Rai – Then that is what marketing is all about right. A prototype is built and then the product is finalized and launched targeting a particular audience. If the audience accepts it well and good if not, then strategies are framed to make the investment work. That is what is happening with Twitter, new marketing mantras might just make it seep into the virtual life as FB has.

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