Tools to Make WordPress Theme Editing Easy

No Theme is perfect and you have to make certain edits to make it look as you want it to. For such edits, here are some tools which I personally use. You don’t have to be coder or developer to make small modifications. These tools are suitable for a newbie as well as experienced person.

Finding What to Edit

On frontend we can see where changes have to be made. Now, we have to figure out how is it coded in backend.

To do that, you can either view Page Source (Press CTRL+U) or use Web Developer tool to inspect elements. Though Firefox has a feature but I prefer Chrome Developer tool.

Just right click on element you want to edit and select Inspect Element. Browser will show you the code responsible for the selected appearance.


Additionally, you can learn from this illustrative video showing use of Chrome Developer Tools with WordPress.

Where to Edit

Now, you have found the code which has to be changed but you do not know in which file it is written. If it is a obvious thing like “Logo”, it will be surely in header.php.

For those, who have basic understanding about WordPress themes structure, it will be easy to guess but sometimes with some themes, things can get little complicated.

So to end the guessing game, I suggest a tool which can look for text string in multiple text files from a folder. It is called FileSeek. Just enter the code you are looking for in query and specify folder/path where theme files are stored.


How to Edit

Even Notepad will do but we are dealing with codes so, a sophisticated Code editor is recommended. I prefer Sublime Text 2 for the purpose which has color markups and nice interface with easy navigation features.


That’s all. Only thing now you need is intelligence and luck (in case of newbie) so that you don’t screw up.


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Rohit Langde is Founder and Editor-in-chief of Blogsolute. Tech Blogger by Passion & Profession | Mechanical Engineer by Qualification | Introverted Geek by Choice

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  1. Tushar says:

    Default ‘Inspect Element’ feature on firefox is not very easy – however it does have lot more interesting features – especially 3D view to inspect ‘z-index’ levels & then testing mobile responsive widths.

    Chrome is good – but not the best, I somehow addicted to Firebug extension on Firefox. 🙂

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Before these default features came into play, I was fan of Web Developer Toolbar + Firebug.
      But now, instead of installing additional addon, I prefer Chrome’s tool.

  2. KRoy says:

    This is a great post. This browser tools to make certain edits to easy.

  3. suraj says:

    hi Rohit, firebug lite is best addon editing preview tool for my theme, i use it on my chrome browser. nice info bother

  4. hey Rohit another great post from you. I always find a excellent information here.

  5. Rudd says:

    I’m still using Firebug on FF, plus now FF got a new tool cool Responsive Design View too view your site in various screen sizes. By the way, thanks for introducing FileSeek. I was looking for something like this and this is really a life saver!

  6. Abhay says:

    Hi Tushar.
    Great tricks to edit themes file.
    Thanks for this

  7. Kabbo Rahman says:

    Thanks for your another great post..its really awesome idea/tricks.

  8. Neeraj says:

    This is a really nice post and informative post-Rohit.
    Thanks for sharing

  9. Anika says:

    Chrome Developer tool is look great, Now I’m going to use it for our one website. Thanks. for this useful post.

  10. This is best wordpress tools for website and blogger. I aspect more useful article like this.

  11. Mohan Das says:

    Oh, i didn’t knew this type of editing.
    Thanks for such a great article.
    Worth Sharing… 😀

  12. sathya says:

    thank you for sharing such a nice and interesting blog with us. i have seen that all will say the same thing repeatedly. But in your blog, I had a chance to get some useful and unique information. I would like to suggest your blog in my dude circle. please keep on updates. hope it might be much useful for us. keep on updating…

  13. good nice work for newbies

  14. Sonal priya says:

    Heyy ROHIT LANGDE I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! You have done an incredible job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends.

  15. Padhma says:

    Wow actually i need the information like this. Because now i am developing the new sites which is free hosting. But within that i get confused by using te theme and i choose with the thought of it doesn’t a matter. But now i understand that it’s also involves in making the impressions on the readers. Thanks a lot and i will utilize like this in future blogs.

  16. Rakesh says:

    Hi Rohit, this is my first visit on your blog and i like the contents, this tools really helpful and by using this we can edit our blog theme easily, Thanks brother…

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