10 Really Difficult Software For Windows: Frustration Guaranteed

difficult software tools for Windows

There are many Software applications in market which are very popular but to use them you need to learn them first. Yep, read manuals, e-books, watch video tutorials and more to understand its working. People often give up on such tools because they are really complicated to use and get at first run.

This article lists 10 such software tools which are really difficult to use. I have chosen only the popular ones but complex in nature.

1. Adobe Photoshop: Hardly Anyone Knows it Completely

Photoshop is Difficult Software

I remember when my friend showed me some images with artistic effects uploaded on Orkut and I curiously asked “How did you do it?” He said, it’s all Photoshop. You can make really awesome photographs using this software. Since then, I am still trying to understand its features.

Though I have figured out some important and obvious functions like using Filters, adjusting Brightness and Layers. But then, I am still not utilizing it to the fullest.

It is only when you dedicate yourself to learn, you can give a magic touch to the photographs.

2. Adobe Flash: Become Animation Expert (in 10 Years)

Adobe Flash is Difficult Software

Always loved the animations and small Flash games and even tried to create one. Enthusiastically, downloaded the bulky software called Adobe Flash (from torrent networks) and spent few hours playing with it.

Honestly speaking, I couldn’t even get 10% of it which I figured out in Photoshop at least. Maybe that’s a reason people shell out thousands of bucks on learning animation.

3. AutoCAD: Not a Good Choice to Build Layout of Your Home

AutoCAD-logoAutoCAD has made possible to do really tedious tasks using Computer. If not, then why would Engineers and Architects would use it?

But, if you are trying it out personally without any prior learning, you will simply mess with it. I can say this simply because there are people who took around 8 years to expertise in this software.

I would recommend using Sweet Home 3D if you want to make a simple plan layout and visualize your home. Also, there is a free AutoCAD alternative called DoubleCAD XT.

4. Microsoft Access: Many of You don’t even know its Use

microsoft access logoThis comes along with Microsoft Office Package. If you skip installing it, skip reading.

However, if you really want to use it then let me tell you that it isn’t as simple as other Office applications like Word or PowerPoint.

On Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you just open a program and create a document with the tools easy to use. That’s not the case with MS Access which involves building complex database from scratch and something more difficult called ‘Forms’ and ‘Tables’.

5. Windows Firewall: Always on Default, Never play with Settings

Windows Firewall difficult to configureMaybe not for everyone but many face trouble configuring and understanding ‘Inbound rules’, ‘Ports’, ‘exceptions’, etc.

The use of overly technical language and presentation of information in tables make the poor novice user use google for each and everything.

I use BitDefender Internet Security which comes with inbuilt Firewall and it is smart enought that I don’t have mess up configuring. Easy to use and simple to define rules if at all needed.

6. MATLAB: Always asked my Friend to Help me out with it

Matlab is difficult to useThere was a situation when I needed help of MATLAB in my academic project. Tried out my hands on it to do it on my own but failed miserably.

Even if you are a Computer Science Student / Engineer, it needs practice and guidance to learn and use effectively.

7. Adobe Premier: Your Wedding Videos have to Wait

Adobe Premier is difficult to useLike any other Adobe product, Premier is huge in size. Not only, it is difficult to use but its resource hungry modules will make it working more difficult on low configuration computer.

Technical problems aside, the chaotic and confusing definitions panels prevent learning the program. At first, it is very easy to confuse projects, templates, and other elements.

But the real nightmare is the effect panel, a program within the program whose number of options and combinations are enough to drive you crazy.

8. Adobe Lightroom: Fine art of Complicating the Photo Galleries

Adobe Lightroom is difficult softwareLightroom has the noble purpose of helping photographers to bring order to their image collections. It is much more than just a gallery: it is a real photo studio inside the PC .

The number of panels and parameters is overwhelming, and the appropriate organization of thousands of digital negatives required to fully explore and test different interface configurations.

The digital development suffers from the same fever of complexity. There are predefined filters, yes, but the approach is less intuitive. Yes, luckily Lightroom now has something like checkpoints.

9. Autodesk 3DS Max: If this is 3D Modelling, Forget it

Autodesk 3DS MAX is diffcult softwareFamous and Monstrous could be two words to define this software application. It is used for 3D Modeling and Animation and it’s really popular. But, it also suffers from same problem: unavoidable complexity like AutoCAD.

I tried my luck with it once few years ago but then came to know about other simpler alternatives like Sculptris for sculpting models.

10. Traktor Pro: I wanted to be a DJ but then I changed my Mind

Traktor Pro is Bad and Difficult

Not exactly, I wanted to be a DJ but there are occasions when you have to mix some music to create a party environment. Instead of going for free DJ software, I chose professional DJ software called Traktor Pro and that was my mistake.

It is a complete DJ tool and really a famous one but of no use if you are no an expert. I would recommend using web tool like PartyCloud which has inbuilt music mixes to play.

Important Read: All the software applications mentioned are really good at what they do. It is just because they have limitless capabilities and N number of functions which make its working complicated. With right approach of learning and training, you can master them.

Just like me, many people get excited by seeing the wonderful things that can be done and end up calling it difficult because of lack of know-how.

So, to avoid frustration, I recommend starting with simple alternatives and then moving on to others to get Professional results.

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pritam patil - February 6, 2013

hehehe 😉 That’s something funny to read.. Good Collection…!

Jeet Patel - February 22, 2013

You Forgot to mention about Adobe After Effects and MAYA..THey are much complicated than Photoshop and MSAccess…btw nice subject 🙂 …hahaha…


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