10 Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions

What has been the secret of success of Firefox? Extensions. The ability to customize with numerous add-ons have made this browser versatile in its functionality and hence adopted adopted by users of each kind.Recently, Google Chrome launched support for extensions.

This gallery is quite simple, as said before Google’s popularity lies in it’s simplicity, but it has features that provide juicy information to users, including one of the most interesting and focused on compiling the most popular extensions of Google Chrome.

I’ve collected 10 of the most popular extensions for Chrome as per Google’s data from which you will find a little of everything, from one to translate page to another with which block advertisements and so on…

1. Google Mail Checker: Name itself gives us hints about what it does. Once we install, a small icon will appear with the Gmail logo in the top bar of Chrome which shows the number of new mails that are unread on the Gmail account where we are logged in and clicking on it leads directly to the account.

2. AdThwart: blocks annoying and intrusive advertising which are unfortunately still served by the networks. It’s similar to Adblock Plus plugin for Firefox.

3. Google Translate: This is one of the “official”. It feeds on Google’s translation service and will enable us to translate any site without having to go to Google Translate.

4. RSS Subscription Extension: This is to cover a lack of Chrome. Basically what that does is detect the feed of certain site we are visiting and shows a small icon in the address bar. If you click, new page appears where we see the feed content and options to add it to one of the most famous readers (default Google Reader, iGoogle, Bloglines and My Yahoo, but you can add the one you want).

5. Wave Google Notifier: Another of the notifier and much like Google Mail Checker only this instead of telling us the number of unread emails, you will be notified for new waves. If you are not on Google Wave and need invitation then see Google Wave invites Giveaway

6. Xmarks Bookmark Sync: Who does not know Xmarks? Surely many have used the other browsers, it serves to synchronize bookmarks between multiple computers and browsers, and how could it be otherwise also released Chrome version.

7. IE Tab: also of the best known. Once installed you can view websites with the rendering engine of Internet Explorer without actually using Internet explorer.

8. Cooliris: This one is the most sophisticated and elegant extension. Allows you to view the content of sites like Flickr or YouTube in a 3D interface.

9. Docs PDF / PowerPoint Viewer: Very very useful one as using it we can view PowerPoint, PDF documents directly in the browser without the need to have some other thing added.

10. Chrome Bird: Use Twitter? If the answer is yes then this extension you’ll like it better to monitor all activity on our account on the microblogging service star.

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Ricky - December 11, 2009

Chromed bird is a really nice extension. I like brizzly as well. Few hours back only I finished compiling 10 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Twitter Lovers.

Faris Nasir - December 11, 2009

I wonder what’s the impact of AdThwart on Google Ads.

Mozilla is independent from advertising activities (as far as I know), so AdBlock Plus extension for Firefox most probably don’t affect Mozilla’s activities.

However, Google itself is a company that one of its core business is advertising.

Allowing AdThwart in Chrome seems like the act of a mosquito welcomes an aerosol.

My 2 cents.

Pubudu Kodikara - December 13, 2009

Nice list… want to add one more plugin to this… what about WOT? (Web Of Trust) its an anti phishing tool….

    Rohit Langde - December 13, 2009

    Hmm Thanks for recommending one but most of the people will be interested in general purpose addons, isn’t it?

      Pubudu Kodikara - December 13, 2009

      Hehe, in one way.. your right 😀


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