10 Popular Website Services clones on Drupal

Drupal is a one of the most versatile CMS, the possibilities are multiplied when you use different drupal extensions and Mods. If you are thinking of creating a clone of some reputable website and services, then check out this list where you will come to know power of Drupal to imitate popular sites and services online using Drupal.

1. Flickr Clone

flickr clone

With the image module, you can upload photos and create galleries with thumbnails. You can also enable readers to comment on the photos very much similar to Flickr.

2. Digg Clone

digg clone

Drigg is a module specially designed to create a website ready for users to submit links and vote for the most interesting ones. The entire project so you can find in www.drigg-code.org Live example of this module is Funmit.com

3. Blogger Clone

blogger clone

If you plan to create a platform that allows users to create their own blog, Drupal comes with a module specially designed for it. No need to install additional components.

4. NGO Clone

ngo clone

There is a module specially designed to accept donations called donation. Accept Paypal and displays a list of donors on a page specially designed for it.

5. Social Network

Similar to Facebook or orkut, Drupal has an excellent user management system with modules that connect to Twitter and Facebook automatically. It also has a module called Organic Groups that allows users to organize in groups, create web pages, themes.

6. Virtual Disk Space or File Hosting service clone

The module Media Mover allows us to upload files and save them Amazon S3, Which is easy to create a website that allows users to save files.

7. Del.icio.us Clone

delicious clone

Not one but several modules allowing us to create a site specially designed to allow users to save their referral link.

8. Twitter Clone

twitter clone

The module microblog to create a clone of facebook so that you can use in your company as a means of internal communication, for example.

9. Tumblr Clone

10. Youtube Clone

youtube clone

Flash video allows us to convert videos in flv format, housing them in Amazon S3, with the possibility that other people include on their sites.

This was a try to show you the power of Drupal and its flexibility in which you can turn it. Various clone scripts may be available online but using Drupal – open-source project may be a good alternative.

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katalog - December 13, 2010

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naught101 - December 28, 2010

I’m hanging out for a googledocs clone. There’s already http://drupal.org/project/sheetnode which covers part of this, but the whole “lots of people all editing at once” thing isn’t available yet.

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