10 adroit Web Services to Easily Schedule Future Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular platform where people love to share their daily life activities and new things. Even for many people twitter is an important part of their life and tweeting is their hobby. There are many small events and activities that occur on some fixed dates like birthdays, anniversaries etc where we would like to wish the concerned person with a tweet. More importantly Twitter serves as an important platform for bloggers to share their web links and get exposure but it is always not possible to remain online and keep retweeting the same link manually through out the day. In these situations the best way is to schedule or automate your tweets, so that you never miss any event. After scheduling tweets you can sit back and relax. Here is a list of services that will allow you to Schedule or automate future tweets.

AutoPilot Tweet

Autopilot Tweet is a tweeter marketing tool that helps you to schedule tweets easily . You can also automate replies, direct messages, follow and unfollow features.


Socialoomph provides a complete suit for simple management of social media. It offers many services that are not free but the tweeter features like scheduling tweets, track keywords, follow those who follow you etc are free.

Tycoon Scheduler

Tycoon Scheduler allows you to schedule unlimited future tweets, flip/reverse tweets, add icons to tweets and many more. You can also schedule tweets to re-occur on a daily basis. It also provides options to submit live tweets.


Twaitter is a marketing tool for twitter. It allows you to schedule tweets, manage multiple accounts, manage tweets through tweet calander.

TwittOn Time

TwittOn Time Provides none of the other additional features but you can schedule tweets easily. It does not require any registration, just login with your twitter account and schedule your tweets.


HootSuite is a twitter management tool that helps to schedule tweets, manage multiple accounts, get visualized tracking of your twitter activity and get your own personalized twitter view.

Auto Tweeter

Auto Tweeter is a desktop client, it is not totally free to use but provides an unlimited trial period with very less features restricted. Still the basic functionality of scheduling tweets is available.


Twuffer allows you to schedule tweets for specific time or you may also set up tweet schedules hourly, weakly or daily basis.


TwitResponse is a simple tweet scheduling tool, but with a disadvantage of tweet delay sometimes.

Dynamic Tweets

Dynamic Tweets allows to schedule tweets, set reminders, marketing campaigns and press/media announcement services.

Any of the above services can be used for simple tweet scheduling, if you want to use a desktop client Auto tweeter can be a good option. Other than this HootSuite and twaitter too provide good service.

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krishnendhu - August 4, 2010

Definitely it is going to rock………….

neha - August 4, 2010

Good and fantastic theme…………..

Virtual Agent - August 14, 2010

Socialoomph is great for queuing long time schedules, they have the option for making long time schedule tweeting. I personally use it as well as hootsuite. There were just those days when they made changes to hootsuite, the twitter API was always busy.


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