10 Things You Must Not Forget After Opening Blog on Blogger

When we talk about the advantages of a blog, we always mentions the ease with which it can be created. While this is true, after opening the blog the road is no longer as clear. Earlier we talked about 10 things you should do after installing WordPress and now we will learn about the 10 things you should do after opening a blog on Blogger.

  1. Write a description of your blog – Go to the tab “Settings” and the “Basic” find the field and give a description to your blog. This is useful for new visitors to know your blog as well as for search engines.
  2. Look for a good template.There are several sites with templates where you can find a great variety of designs. Not only base your choice on the chart (headers, buttons, icons, etc.) but also in the structure (number of columns, accessibility, etc). Always remember to read the instructions on each template as at times it is important for proper display of the same. Browse our Blogger Templates.
  3. Buy a domain and use it with your blog.
    I have always said that a domain should be the first investment of a blogger. Seeing that for less than $10 can have its own name with many advantages, this is highly recommended. You can also have a free domain + DNS with all features.
  4. Change the feed of your blog by the feedburner.
    Feedburner is a service that lets Google have statistics of people who read your blog through this medium. From the control panel blogger is possible feedburner add to your blog.
  5. Change your template images of a new accommodation.
    Many staff have hosted images on free services that limit the number of accesses to them which leads to moments where you do not have any pictures on the blog. Stay at Blogger seems the best option.
  6. Add basic gadgets in your sidebar.
    In the tab “Design” option “Page Elements” is possible to add gadgets, the most basic are: Labels, File blog (as a checklist) and subscription links.
  7. Insert the feedback form on the page of your individual entries.
    As this feature is still in the testing phase is necessary to do it manually, in templates or modified automatically only for templates default blogger.
  8. Add your code tracking statistics.
    Whether you use Google Analytics, StatCounter or other statistics system, it is important not to forget to add your tracking code before the label under the tab “Design” option “Edit HTML,” just until the end of the Code.
  9. Add your blog to Google Webmaster’s tools.
    The Google webmasters tools allow you to continue to search statistics and errors related to your site. Its use is very intuitive and free.
  10. Start Content posting
    Start posting by telling the world what you are going to write about on blog and you can write about your self too. Being natural and original is the best initial approach that should be made.

After making all that, your blog will be a more effective tool. You’ll have more control over statistics, look better, it is understood better with search engines but above all, be a better place for your visitors.

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ameo - August 25, 2008

really good article , but i’m still agains blogger .

narendra.s.v - August 26, 2008

wow this is what a blogger needs 🙂 nice share

Jk - September 12, 2008

I am using blogger platform and happy with this free service now. This article is very useful.

PinoyPharmacist - October 12, 2008

Blogger is nice. Very easy to manage. Look at my Langit blogger site. Msg me if you have any suggestion for it.

crazy blogger - August 12, 2009

Great post about blogging through blogger.com

buying your own domain brings more traffic than free domain

thanks for the tips

ali - December 28, 2010

Hi nice


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