10 Things To Do after Installing WordPress

WordPress is popular and common platform among bloggers. Installation of WordPress is also quick and simple (thanks to Fantastico which is generally included by all hosting providers). Finishing installation doesn’t completes your work but that’s te beginning, there’s much work still to be done. So, Here I am leaving you with 10 things you should do after installing wordpress blog.

10 things to do after installing WordPress

1. Registration : Register yourself at wordpress.com to get your API key which is required to activate famous Anti-spam comment’s plugin called Akismet. Plugin comes pre-installed with WordPress but you have configure and activate to combat spam.

2. Change structure of permalinks : By default, wordpress permalink setting is ../?p=123 but it is recommended to have search engine friendly URL structure. I would suggest to have custom ../% category% /% postname%. Both options are available under settings tab of your WordPress admin panel.

3. Implement a System Cache : In order to improve performance of your blog (more speed for less resources), you should install cache plugin. It caches your pages in order to increase the response speed and minimize the server load. You can choose from three popular ones namelyย  WP- Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. I am using W3 Total Cache on Blogsolute.

4. Create Sitemap : This is one of the most essential step since Sitemap is something which helps Search engines to crawl your site content more easily. It can be created easily with Google XML site map plugin.

5. Change Feed direction to Feedburner : This has to be done in all links of feed present on your blog design (especially in single.php, sidebar.php and footer.php) I would recommend using FeedSmith plugin to reduce manual effort.

6. Add tracking code : It is necessary to to track performance of your site. For this you can add Google Analytics, Statcounter or any other. Personally, I use both on this site.

7. Add your site on Webmasters’ tools : I too was unaware about it. But, Google Webmasters’ tools have all functions that lets you sign your sitemap (point 4) for fast indexing and gives you search statistics and errors related to your site. It’s worth calling it webmaster tools.

8. Create robots.txt : Through Webmasters tool, I came to knew it’s importance. You can analyze (if you already have) or you can generate right from there by selecting options.

9. Design : First impression on any visitor of your blog is design. Just take care that the design contains important elements such as a search engine, an icon of subscription (Feed), a navigation menu and it is easy to read. You can have look to some selected by browsing sites to find free WP themes.

10. Start Content posting : Start posting by telling the world what you are going to write about on blog and you an write about your self too. To start conversation with visitors add contact page to your blog. Some themes have these inbuilt feature or you may use some plugin to do that.

Also, don’t forget to create about page because visitor will need to know more about you.

Surely, the time will need other tools, plugins or themes, but I think these are the 10 most essential tasks. Happy Blogging!

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Dan - July 1, 2008

the link to Wp-contact form plugin. doen’t work

To start conversation with visitors add contact page with Wp-contact form plugin.

More over when I tried installing cache I had this issue:



Crabie C - July 2, 2008

Nice rundown, I’m always wary of the sitemap system – it might break something in google… (maybe I’m being too cautious?)

As for the tracker, I would totally recommend gostats – it’s the best one out there. – and faster than statcounter from my experience

Rohit - July 2, 2008

@ Dan
I have changed and checked the link of wp-contact form; Now it’s fine.

I read your issue “Cannot delete cache folder after uninstall”. I too faced a problem with it saying- cannot create/open advanced-cache.php

Its not the problem of plugin but my server only didn’t allowed it so changing permissions to 777 helped me and I had to create those files manually.

My question is “why are you removing system cache?”

Rohit - July 2, 2008

@ Crabie C
yep, you are being too cautious about sitmap.

Moreover, I will try gostats also since statcounter only allows 500 entries and to avail more than that I will have to pay.

BTW, thanks for commenting and keep visiting.

ameo - July 2, 2008

nice list ,,

there is also wordpress.com stats , or firestats ,

adsense optimizing plugins

or skip all that and remove wordpress and install b2evolution ๐Ÿ˜€

Rohit - July 2, 2008

@ ameo,

To write there are many but I have only written some important initial tasks. (refer last line of post)

Yes, I will write about most essential plugins which are must haves on a blog.

BTW thanks for commenting and keep visiting.

Cole - July 2, 2008

Nice list. I would absolutely work with the design first – everything else is an afterthought. I must say, since Feedburner doesn’t actually work with a lot of fee readers, I stay away from it.

Rohit - July 2, 2008

@ Cole,
Design is important but in order to receive traffic, you must consider and accomplish other tasks too.

Pavan Kumar - July 3, 2008

That’s nice, stumbled….

Rohit Langde - July 3, 2008

Thank You Pavan.

Royarfafrouby - August 3, 2008

Thanks for the post

Arun@Read2Know - October 3, 2008

Thanks for this link Rohit. This was very helpfull!

St. Athanasius - November 6, 2008

I recommend to subscribe to RSS place in a conspicuous place! Readers will be more! Especially at a blog, how are you! Tested – a 30% increased the number of subscribers!

Stanley @ SEOAdsenseThemes - June 10, 2009

OMG. I scored a pathetic 5 out of 10 ๐Ÿ™‚

Missed out on cache, robots.txt, feedburner, webmasters tool and design.

    Rohit Langde - June 10, 2009

    @Stanley, It’s still not too late buddy. You may follow the remaining 5 now. Happy Blogging! Thanks for visiting.

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queroeropoo - August 7, 2009

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mostlyBlog - August 24, 2009

hey i moved to wordpress 2 days ago, i want to know that how to put feedburner email subscription box to my blog, which plugin i have to use?

    Rohit Langde - August 24, 2009

    @mostlyBlog, no plugin.. use the HTML code from Email subscription in publicize tab and paste in text sidebar widget. That will help you.

adamoerikom - September 20, 2009

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Martin - January 27, 2013

I have done them all except #8. Can you direct me to a good resource on this topic?

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