10 Uncommon Dating Sites For People With Extraordinary and Unique Taste

You’ve heard the expression “every pot has a lid” but do you know that it is very true. And no matter, whats your style is, there is someone who will fit in your profile, even if you have the strangest tastes from around the world, rare and uncommon.

Proof lies here, in this article, which is a list of such Online Uncommon Dating sites to match even the weirdest. These sites includes fans of Science-Fiction, Games, Gadgets, Zombies and even Vampires. All this to ensure that nobody will be alone.

Apple Fanboys and Fangirls

“Cupid arrived in Cupertino.” Apple fans no longer need to use other social networks and dating sites to find who is also passionate about the Apple Empire. The Cupidtino is a service especially designed for those with iPhones, iPads, Macs and other devices created by the disciples of Steve Jobs. This Interest may be common but a Dating site only for such people is not so common.

( cupidtino.com )


Zombie Dating SiteZombies Only

There is nothing more romantic than a couple of zombies eating brains in the midst of a multitude of other undead. If you agree with this sentence, then maybe the ZombieHarmony is an excellent site for you. Just access it, say what is your favorite type of zombie and look for some and you may find some unmarried.
( mingle2.com/zombieharmony/free-dating-sites )


vampire dating sitePsychic Vampires

Following the same line as the previous service, the Vampire Passions will unite vampires and admirers who want to become hematophagous as well. If your dream was always to have the neck pierced by dog lovers, certainly the Vampire Passions is the right choice for you. There are even options for those who only drinks bovine blood (for moral reasons, according to the service)
( www.vampirepassions.com )



Sci-Fi Dating SiteSci-Fi Lovers

Imagine, dinner being served by Captain Kirk and the background music being played by Vulcan Spock and his violin. Well, of course this will not happen, but with the Trek Passions, all people who have dreamed of something like that will be able to find other Star Trek fans to chat and find true love.

( trekpassions.com )



Beautiful People Dating SiteBeautiful People

You’re beautiful? So is the Beautiful People you will find your perfect match. This dating service was created for the very beautiful and does not accept those who are below the required standards – there are even vote for the acceptance of new members. According to the official website of the Beautiful People, the service is the “biggest community meetings to attractive people of the world.”
( beautifulpeople.com )


Vegetarian Dating SiteStrictly Vegetarian

Many people are against eating meat and do not want to date someone who is passionate about bacon. So was created VeggieDate, a dating site especially for vegetarians and vegetarians.

( veggiedates.co.uk )


Video Gamer Dating SiteVideo Game Geeks

Dwarves, elves, epic warriors can also arrange a time for love. And the Video Gamer Dating is a place where they are going to meet. The service was created especially for fans of video games relate to other people who have similar interests – no matter what the type of favorite game for each.

( videogamerdating.com )



Adult Diaper Dating

You are more than 18 years, likes to dress up in diapers and act like a baby? Not? But like people that do this? If you fit these profiles, Adult Diaper Dating is an excellent network for you. The main focus of the site is to unite people who like to act like big babies or as adults who care for them.

( adultdiaperdating.com )


anime datingAnime Freaks

Dedicated to Anime Lovers and system is designed to match people with similar Anime and Manga Interests. In this way, you’ll be guaranteed to find someone whose primary skill is dressing as a pink-haired alien who never leaves the house.

( MaiOtaku.com )



Ugly PeopleUgly and I know it!

Just as the Beautiful People, The Ugly Bug Ball is also a unique site. The difference is that in this case, users can not be beautiful to be accepted. The creators claim that in any dating site, only 15% of people are really beautiful. Therefore, the advantage of The Ugly Bug Ball would be no disappointment to discover that the photos of the applicants have changed.
( theuglybugball.com )

Kind of Categories mentioned sounds really weird and unbelievable in first sight but popularity of such sites is a string evidence that such mature singles do exist. Again, I would say that if you are the one, you are not odd anymore.

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