10 uses of Twitter, Reasons to Join

Although, it cannot gather as much user as Facebook but Twitter is becoming a handy tool for communication for both professionals and users interested in seeking information. If you are not on twitter, we present 10 reasons in the form of uses or applications you can use to hook up on most popular microblogging service of the network this way, surely you will no longer resist the charms of Twitter.

Lately, I have also become fan of addicted to twitter. More frequently, you are likely to follow other people on twitter, here I present 10 uses that will surely encourage lazy guys out there to join Twitter community. When you follow Blogsolute on Twitter, you get what our blog speaks and I have tried to extend it to public utilities including professional communication.

10 twitter uses

1. News Source: For many users who do not want to hang on the media, Twitter is a great tool to know the handful of news and happenings on most important subjects (you choose) in real time.

2. Source of inspiration: What are the hottest topics on Twitter? What blogosphere is talking? If we know what the Internet community is interested in, we can implement this in our work and learn more about everything that is discussed in Twitter.

3. New contacts: Many companies and workers need to have on hand a list of people to confide in some areas. Having contact with a translator or an expert in SEO online at Twitter can be a good alternative to traditional address book, especially now with the new feature- Twitter lists.

4. Verifying information: We often have questions about choosing a particular news or data. Twitter is the perfect conduit to seek answers to these unknowns.

5. Urgent News: Perhaps the rapidity of publication in Twitter turns it into one of best means to follow the news that are happening at the moment.

6. All in one: It is much faster and easier check our Twitter profile with all the information we need to go through for half what we seek.

7. Business expansion: As discussed in point 2, Twitter can help us know what are the interests of Internet users. Knowing these trends can be useful in formulating a business strategy or even grow the views of our blog and increase exposure.

8. Promotion: Something you are beginning to understand the companies is the ability to promote Twitter. The tool allows for high-impact information or events with a single mouse click.

9. Between frames: If you need the whole world know what you’re doing at the moment, Twitter is the perfect tool for self-promotion.

10. Humor: If you need to prove you’re the king of comedy, Twitter will help you spread your sense of humor throughout the five continents.

Still have doubts about using Twitter?

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Ching Ya - December 1, 2009

I can very much relate to those reasons Rohit. Nicely shared. Twitter is fascinating for those who tried and make full use of it. It’s more than just a publicity tool and your post just made a clear run for that. Well done.

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