12+ Alternatives to Android Market For Free Apps and APK Download

Though Android Market, being the official source when it comes to Android Apps and more. But not every one like to follow the tantrums to download and install Android apps from there. Apart from Android Market, here are some alternatives to Android Market from where users can download and install Android apps to their Android devices without any registration or an account to download and install Android apps.


1. Android Freeware Lovers

From productivity to gaming Android apps, users can browse through all and can access the direct download link to the desired Android apps in just few clicks. Users can browse through millions of Android apps by choosing the preferred category or the Android device for which they are using. Android Developers can also submit their newly created Android apps too.

Visit: Android Freeware Lovers

2. GetJar

Famous hub for Java/J2ME and Symbian Apps, now also serves Android apps too and is one of the largest source for Mobile applications. Users can select their preferences based on their Android devices or from the categorized menu they provide. Category based distribution for all the mobile platforms including Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and others.

Visit: GetJar

3. Amazon App Store

A newbie to the Market, but a very powerful source for all your Android apps and needs, pretty well categorized menu to choose the Android app from, daily free Premium Android app scheme pretty much allures the users to use the vast Android app library they provide. And yeah, it’s one of the secure source for all your Android apps, you know it’s Amazon. But it is only available for US users.

Visit: Amazon App Store

4. AppBrain

Another easy to use and browse alternatives for Android Market, is quite a good source for free Android apps. One thing I really like about them is their listing style to make it more navigable friendly to users. Users can directly download Android apps through their great listing styles which includes daily, weekly and all time popular Android apps.

Not only that users can also choose Android apps which are popular in their countries too. Do check this source for more filters which will help you to choose the desired Android app within minutes.

Visit: AppBrain

5. OnlyAndroid

Another making to the list of alternatives to Android Market is OnlyAndroid, pretty well categorized source, though most of them are paid, but a good one if you are looking for source for paid apps other than Android Market.

Visit: OnlyAndroid

6. Aproov

Lesser known, but a great alternative to Android Market, browse it via the category listings or choose the preferred device, so Aproov list down the pool of compatible Android apps for you to choose the desired one. Just a mouse hover to read the Android app description or click it to view the more detailed information about the same. Unfortunately, users have to register to download Android apps from there, but believe me it’s worth the shot.

Visit: Aproov

7. SlideMe

Be it, Android app developer looking for some fame, or an Android users looking for some Android game, SlideMe is another hub for Android apps other than Android Market. Android developers can directly upload their newly created Android apps, no fee is required in the process.

Visit: SlideMe

8. Mall.Soc.IO

Another well manager database of Android apps other than Android Market with its weird name, but quite a good resource for Android apps which allow users to browse Android apps three sections including New Releases, Hot Apps, Top Rated, apart from the usual categories which can also be used. Android App lovers needs to go through a registration form once. Though, users don’t have to sign up to download Android apps from there, but if you would like to yikes for some Android app you downloaded, you can sign up.

Visit: Mall.Soc.IO

9. FirePlace Market

FirePlace Market is itself an Android app which works as an alternatives to other sources vouching for Android apps. Not only it’s a great source for Android apps for users seeking for some, but Android developers can also join hands to make it grow. Download this Android app from here. Another one like this is Yet Another Android Market aka YAAM, download it from here.

Visit: FirePlace Market

10. AndAppOnline

AndAppOnline is another nice alternative for Android Market for both Android developers as well as Android app users who are always ready to try every other Android app. Browse this great source, either via the Featured Listings or the category listings.

Visit: AndAppOnline

11. AndroidZoom

Android Zoom provides plethora of Android apps including Business, Games, Productivity and every other categories using which users can download Android apps with easiest navigable representation. Sales is a category where users can fetch heavy discounts on paid Android apps. On similar lines, users may find these two resources useful too. <Link1> & <Link2>

Visit: AndroidZoom

12. Mobilism

It’s pretty good idea to get Android apps which are suggested by friends and followers rather than those above listed algorithmic searches which helps you to choose the desired Android apps, but nothing can beat the suggestion by the human mind. Isn’t it? This can be also called as Black Market to find all pirated apps which means trying of premium apps for free.

Read More about – Mobilism Market

Why We Should Use Alternatives To Android Market?

  • Probability is high, the Android app which is paid in Android Market, users might get it free from those above listed alternatives to Android Market. Aah! that’s a big vouch for these alternatives to Android Market.
  • Users don’t have to follow any tantrums to download and install Android Apps from there, just browse through the source and download it direct to your smartphone or PC.
  • $25 is the fee, which developers have to pay to get enlisted in Android Market, some may find it useful and some didn’t. So why not browse through their official source of their respective Android apps.
  • Android Market, being famous, is also prone to Hackers and other degraded minds, to avoid that users may find these alternatives to Android Market safe and secure.

Why We Should Not Use Alternatives To Android Market?

  • Its carved in stone, that Android Market is what people prefer and use. So it can be considered as the safer than all, but not the safest. Users can also get update about the current status of the same, whether it is safe nowadays or not.
  • Another factor are the reviews or comments there on the Android Market, which provides a pretty clear idea about the Android apps working and its know how.
  • If you are going for paid apps, I would prefer Android Market, rather than any other sources listed above.
  • Use alternatives to Android Market at your own risk, as there’s no guarantee what harm an Android app could do to your device.

So these are some alternatives to Android Market. What’s your source to download Android apps and why. Lets discuss.

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