4 Android Apps to Play April Fool Pranks

You may have already planned something pranky to fool your friends on April Fool day. Here are some Android Apps to make your pranks more nasty, more annoying. Make them laugh, Make them feel ashamed with these April Fool Apps.

Better Cracked Screen

As the name says, when started, it can make your touchscreen look like cracked. Even the BACK button doesn’t work so your friend going to panic for sure and less chances of failing the prank. Scary and Funny!

Big Fart Button

This app is hilarious. Contains very unusual fart sounds which can be played just tapping the Big Fart Button. Not all Farts are realistic but funny though to create humorous environment and giggle.

Fingerprint Scanner

What it does is nothing and that’s the specialty. Makes your Friend feel that your device can really scan and verify fingerprints. You can Add names to the database for the full effect of having others believe that your phone really does this. It can Entertain others, have them believe your phone can scan fingerprints & conduct Agency(i.e. FBI) criminal checks.

Fake Call

Mainly used to escape from situation but by specifying the Name and Number, you can fool your friends that you got a call from specific person. This person can be someone you know or even a celebrity!

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