4 Nifty and Highly Useful Android Apps to make Life Easier [ Recommended ]

Android apps to make life easier which includes launching your favorite application quickly, measure distance from your home to office, change your music track with just a shake and will even make sure you never miss any of your important calls.



You can consider SwipePad as a quick launcher of your favorite application. No matter what application you are on, using  SwipePad you can launch your favorite application by swiping on the edge of your phone screen. All you need to do is hold your finger on a specific slot (defined by you) for 2 seconds and launch any of your top 12 application.

Download SwipePad

Shush! Ringer Restorer


Have you ever missed an important phone call just because you turned your phone silent before going to a movie and then failed to return it to general profile later. If you are victim of such blunders, Shush is meant for you.

When you turn your ringer off for a  this app turns it back on afterwards. It’s activated when you silence your ringer using the volume buttons. Once your ringer is off, it asks you how long to stay silent. Never miss another important call.

Download Shush! Ringer Restorer


shake to play next

Your current playing track sucks and you want to change it but you you are not in a mood to take out the phone from your pocket just install above application. From now on there is no need to get the phone from your pocket, just shake it to play next track.


default player, MortPlayer, Mixzing, Roxon (aka Cubed), Meridian, andLess, Rhapsody, Last.fm, doubleTwist, Astro Player, TuneWiki,Vanilla Music and bTunes.

Download Shake2PlayNext

Speedometer – Speed


At times when you use public transport you may need to calculate the distance of the trip. Here is a speedometer for your phone. it Displays  Current speed in mph or km/h, Distance traveled, Maximum speed, Graph of recent speed

Download Speedometer – Speed

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