5 Best Free Portable Process Managers for Windows

Keeping check on background processes and eliminating unnecessary ones is an important aspect of System management. This not only allows you to have control over the background processes but also helps to speed up windows by freeing much needed CPU resources.

By default in windows we get Windows Task Manager, this application is handy for basic users but do not provide much options except closing processes with very few information on them. Apart from this there are several other free applications that can manage these tasks with greater efficiency. We benefit more when these are portable also. Some of the best portable applications available for this propose are:

Process Hacker

free Monitor windows process

It provides detailed information on the running processes and is also able to close process that Windows task manager do not allow to. Process hacker is also capable to show hidden processes that are generally not shown by default. It provides lots of features including real time CPU usage by each process.

[button-green url=”http://sourceforge.net/projects/processhacker/files/processhacker/” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download Process Hacker [/button-green][clear]

System Explorer

free Monitor windows process

System Explorer is the simplest to use process manager that can give you easy information on running processes, it is well organized and easy to understand. It also features uploading process snapshots to Virustotal where you can gain additional information about the process and its safety. Only drawback of System Explorer is that it cannot detect hidden system processes.

[button-green url=”http://systemexplorer.net/” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download¬†System Explorer [/button-green][clear]

Auslogics Task Manager

free Monitor windows process

This application do not provide much features when compared to other process managers, but it provides few functionality such as disk utilization, network utilization, trusted/untrusted process and also specifies locked processes, these processes can be easily unlocked. It is a simple tool but very helpful to basic users.

[button-green url=”http://auslogics-task-manager-portable.en.softonic.com/” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download Auslogics Task Manager [/button-green][clear]

Process Explorer

free Monitor windows process

It is similar to Process Hacker in interface but lacks most advanced features. It provides very useful drop down information on running processes. Process Explorer is easy to use and can satisfy needs of basic users.

[button-green url=”http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download Process Explorer[/button-green][clear]

AnVir Task Manager

free Monitor windows process

This is the free portable version of AnVir Task Manager, it provides dozens of features to control processes and provide adequate information about each process. If you are in search of an advanced tool this may be the right thing for you. Its interface is bit difficult to use.

[button-green url=”http://www.anvir.com/download.htm” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download AnVir Task Manager [/button-green][clear] [alert-success]¬†5 programs to Monitor changes in Windows Registry [/alert-success]

Well, all these process managers are portable and also contain installer versions, so it can be used according to users need. Portable version helps you to control processes on other systems just by carrying it is a USB drive.

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