5 Best Special Effects Software for Windows: Complete Visual Treat

No Wonder that, Windows 7 brought many visual effects and eye soothing appearance but Mac and Linux have their Exposé and Compiz. This makes working even more enjoyable so, here we list some software to bring those special effects on Windows Computer.

Multiple desktops with 3D rotation, Gelatinous windows, Transparencies, Animated backgrounds… All this is also possible in Windows, but only after you install a few customization utilities. After the jump, we list the top five.

5. Bring Exposé to Windows with Switcher

Exposé is one of the most envied Mac features for Windows users who use the old shortcut Alt + Tab. What makes Exposé more elegant: obscures the desktop and displays miniature windows for you to choose one quickly. For Windows, there are several alternatives; Switcher is the best.

Three Thumbnails schemes are available, and both the keyboard shortcut and the switcher style effects can be configured if required. Now you can say goodbye to Flip 3D , the system that Windows uses to switch between windows.

Download Switcher

4. Nimi-Visuals, windows that follow the laws of physics

Today, the windows of Windows meekly obey orders with little else. Why not go further and make the windows follow the laws of physics? That is what Nimi Visuals makes possible, a supplement that covers eleven effects for windows.

Among the most dramatic effects of the windows Nimi Visuals are gelatinous, the streaks of light, inertia and collisions. In some cases, as when the active windows-bounce effects are useful because they help to pay more attention to what happens in Windows. And all in less than 200 kilobytes.

Download Nimi Visuals

3. DreamScene Seven- Set video as desktop background

If you are bored using static wallpapers and want to try something new then setting a video clip as wallpaper will not be a bad idea. Presently there is no default option in windows 7 to perform this task efficiently. DreamSceneSeven is a freeware application that helps you in doing so.

Download Dreamscene Seven

This is dedicated to Windows 7 but if you are still sticked to XP then try out DreamScene for Windows XP.

2. DeskHedron

Hundreds of files, folders, windows … Sometimes, a desk is not enough. So why not use more than one? Already there are utilities that increase the desktop , but it is difficult to know which is which. To facilitate the transition from one to another there is nothing better than a 3D representation, as provided DeskHedron .

DeskHedron represents desktops as semi-transparent side of a prism. So, if you use four, you’ll see when you press the shortcut Control + Shift. + Z be a cube, if you created eight, eight-sided prism, and so on. And being semi-transparent, you can see what’s inside the other sides without turning the whole polyhedron.

Download DeskHedron

1. Okozo Desktop: Live Wallpaper or Interactive Background

Imagine you are able to move clock hands or a mouse following mouse arrow on desktop background. It will be fantasy and Okozo Desktop is here to turn that into reality.

Download Okozo Desktop

Are you in favor of spicing up your desktop with visual effects? Which one? Let us know by commenting below.

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Siddhant - August 15, 2011

I think switcher & Dream scene are the only 2 which is gud upto a limit…

Adit - August 17, 2011

nice effect… i should try it,, thank you

Dinesh - August 19, 2011

Rohit really you done a good job, wonderful collections, keep going with your work, thanks


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