5 RSS Feed Reader For Linux

For updating yourself  about  web information we use RSS feed . Every browser  at present time like Opera ,Mozilla or IE etc are inbuilt feed reader .Let’s talk about standalone Feed reader for Linux .We use many feed reader for Windows .I show you five RSS reader for Linux .



Default KDE feed reader is Akregator,it is very useful application,which support RSS and Atom feeds ,integration with KDE is quite good ,it has tabs for internal browser and for feed management.
Akregator comes with system tray integration, feeds notifications, interval fetching, ability to keep feeds, browser cache, font customization for the internal browser, tabs, external browser can be changed from the default. Feed can be mark as important and Akeregator can also import OPML or XML feeds.



Liferea is one of the most popular feed readers for the GNOME desktop environment. It has a normal interface as RSS reader, with the feeds list to the left and the news and the internal browser occupying most of the rest of the main window. Liferea allows you to manage feeds, open links in a selected external browser, configure the font size, change the number of feeds to display, integrate it in the system tray, change the default download manager.For GNOME user liferea is best choice because it support RSS and Atom feeds.



Blam is yet another GTK feed reader but it has minimum features but clean and simple to use interface. The only drawbacks that is fetched feeds are not remembered at the restart of the application and the system tray does not provide a context menu for quitting the application.For basic user of GNOME must use it because it has simple interface.


4.News Plasma Widget

This is a Widget for Plasma,its comes with KDE4 .It supports RSS and Atom feed but must to set update interval. This is very useful to got information without open any standalone application.



Written in Java, RSSOwl is a powerful feed reader for Linux, with support for RSS, RDF and Atom feeds, with a lot of features and customisation options.It is used in KDE and GNOME both interface.Licensed under the Eclipse Public License, RSSOwl includes features like tabbed browsing,three view modes: classic, vertical and newspaper,possibility to share news to popular social networks,labels,notifications,news filters,add-on support,importing and exporting feeds and feed preferences,system tray integration is very simple.


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Ujjwal Kanth - January 11, 2010

Personally I read my feeds in Google Reader and when I am on Windows I prefer Feeddemon as it syncs my feeds with Google Reader.
But for Linux I think Liferea is the best. Following it is Akgregator.

Cyntia - March 8, 2011

for this I make use of Liferea to read something about rss in ubuntu. Thanks for rss reader reviews

Josh - September 15, 2012

I used to use Opera to read my feeds. However, I recently discovered Bam, which I really like. It’s neat, simple, and isn’t overblown by features that I’ll never use.


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