5 Best Gmail Notifiers, Useful for Managing Multiple Accounts

It is very difficult for multiple Gmail account holders to access all there Gmail accounts for reading there new mails. Since, Gmail only allow you to access one account at a time. You can’t login 2 accounts from one browser. Although you can access 2 Gmail accounts in 2 different browsers, but what if you have more than 5 Gmail accounts and every Gmail account is related to your important activity. Then you can’t read all new mails at a time.

For this you can use Gmail notifiers, which will help you to show you a alert message on your computer screen that a new mail has arrived. It will show you the title and theme of the message. If the message is important then you can open, and if not then you can continue your work.

List of 5 Useful Gmail Notifiers

1. Gmail Notifier:- It is the official tool bar of Gmail, which shows you all new mails in the tool bar. There is no need to login to your mail box. Simply login to the Gmail notifier tool bar and you will get notifications for all new unread mails.

Download Gmail Notifier

2. Notifier 2:- Notifier 2 is very handy tool, because you can access multiple accounts from notifier2 window. You can login to your Yahoo, Gmail and MSN at a time and can get notification for all new and unread mails.

Download Notifier 2

3. GAlert:- GAlert is also very important tool, because it can show a message on your computer scree, whenever a new mail is arrived to your mail box.

Download GAlert

4. KcCheckGmail:- KC Check Gmail allow you to get instant notifications for all new and unread mails within KcCheckGmail. Give it a try.

Download Kc Check Mail

5. Gmail Notifier Firefox Extension:- As we know FireFox is the world popular and enhance web browser. It has lots of features which can help you in your daily PC usage. Similarly FireFox has a Add-ons which allow you show you instant notifications for all new and unread mails. I personally like FireFox add-ons for gmail notifications, because firefox is my best browser. You can also try this extension.

Download Firefox Addon

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Yogesh Mankani - January 12, 2010

Thanks for sharing.I am using Notifier2 and working great for me. Now I’ll try Gmail Notifier Firefox Extension. Let’s see how it works 🙂

gulu - January 13, 2010

How on earth you didn’t mentioned the best notifier of all ???!!!


emailaddict - January 13, 2010

Dude the post is about “Managing Multiple Accounts” and the first one you have put
“Official Gmail Notifier”. When did it start supporting Multiple gmail accounts?

For me Multi Email Notifier http://www.multiemailnotifier.com is the best. Not only does it notfiy you for multiple gmail accounts but also take you directly to nbox for any account.

    Rohit Langde - January 13, 2010

    Except that everyone else supports multiple accounts. By the way, thanks for suggesting your choice of Notifier.

Toby - August 27, 2010

Another alternative is UpdateWatcher, which supports gmail and yahoo among other things…

simdigg - December 14, 2011

I found the multiNotifier very useful inside Google Chrome. It supports logging in without the need of providing the login details.



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