6 reasons why I hate Facebook

Facebook may be a big social networking site, but it’s not the best. OK; it can be a great web traffic source and you can get immediate exposure for your posts. These are pretty strong causes, why you would love Facebook. But not today. Now you will see, why this “great” website sucks.

Annoying ads

You may heard of Facebook ads. It’s based on the CPC (cost-per-click) and the CPM (cost-per thousands of impressions). There is no set cost for Facebook Ads. You can decide how much you’d like to spend for your marketing campaign. This is very impressive if you are an advertiser, but if you are an average user, these adverts are irritating. Every time you visit a FB page, in the sidebar there are about 5 ad blocks with a “Like” button under every one.

Privacy problems

Now there are loads of privacy options. But would you really trust a business orientated company? Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s your decision.

There are better social networking sites

Frankly I think Twitter is better. Of course there are limitations there as well. You can’t tweet a message more than 140 characters. But it is a great way to reach a targeted audience. Also Hi5 and LinkedIn are good if you want to get awesome results for your business or your blog.

“Spammy” emails

Here is my little story: I didn’t use Facebook for about one month. But nearly every time I viewed my email inbox, I got an email titled: “Getting back onto Facebook”. It always said:

Hi …..,
Sorry you’ve been having trouble logging into your Facebook account.

Of course I didn’t try to sign in to Facebook. So all of those mails were scam.

Like to view the content

Every time I would like to view a page that interests me, it tells me, you have to Like to view all content. This is a quite simple marketing tactic. Getting users to register, to get access to anything. But what if I wouldn’t like to sign up? What if I don’t want to give information about myself?

I’m sick of the Facebook orientated world

“I will go to play football on Saturday. Can you come? Write to me on Facebook if you’re coming.“
“Can you give me the Maths homework on Facebook?”
“I will give you the link of my website on Facebook!”
Why do we need this website? OK; it’s good and nice, but that’s it. Everything is that’s it…

So if I would like to summarize this social network, I would say today it is good but tomorrow it will end up like MySpace, forgotten.

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Guest Post– Akos is a 13 year old blogger from Hungary (Central-Europe) and owns AkosBlog.com. He has been blogging for 1.5 years and loves to write articles on topics like web marketing, blogging, making money online and SEO. You can follow Akos on Twitter: @MakePerfectSite.

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Christi - April 12, 2011

I, too, have received the following message from Facebook:
“Hi …..,
Sorry you’ve been having trouble logging into your Facebook account.

This message ONLY appears in my email when I try to login and enter the wrong password. So… maybe it’s not spam you’re getting but proof that someone else is trying to login to your account and entering the wrong password.

But yeah… FACEBOOK sucks – that’s why I seldom ever login and why I make mistakes with my password when I do try.

Dr Anurag Jain - April 12, 2011

Dear Rohit
kudos on being straightforward
nice insight of your views
i exactly share your views and reason especially the last one
does one have to share his or her inconsequential and in significant day to day happenings with everyone
imagine getting up late in the night to see whats cropped up on farmville when the same person might not care a hoot about the plight of indian farmers
we need to get real

robin - April 30, 2011

yr it true facebook sucks but reasons u have given sucks even more….

Dheeraj - June 10, 2011

But one thing which can’t be ignore is Facebook is not only to create social network. But one can also earn handsome amount of money by uploading its own developed Facebook applications. I know because many of my friends are developing Facebook apps .


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