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7 Latest Features on YouTube to enhance Video viewing experience

The largest online video sharing site YouTube is offering several new features that will enhance your experience. Some of them are listed below.

1. Playlist Bar: YouTube has introduced “Playlist Bar”. This is a control bar containing different videos you like. When you view a playlist, recommended videos offered by YouTube on its home page, videos you have subscribed for or your favorite ones, the “Playlist Bar” appears at the bottom of your window. It helps you to view your favorite ones at a go and select them easily to watch next. It eliminates unnecessary back and forth jumping to different pages.

YouTube's New Playlist's Bar With Several New Feaures

There are two buttons which act like “next” and “previous” to give you a seamless viewing experience. By default, both the “Autoplay” and “Shuffle” options are off.Different Features Of Playlist Bar

2. Events Near You: You will find the “Events Near You” feature at YouTube’s music page. It will let you know about the near by events of your favorite artists. By clicking the associated link, you can see the exact location of the event on Google Maps.

Events Near You Feature on YouTube
3. Redesigned Video Manager: There are several new options available at My Videos page. You can sort your uploaded videos by date and time, by length, by views and alphabetically. You can also browse the content you have uploaded, purchased and liked.

New Redesigned Video Manager Features

4. Annotations: Now, you will experience fully transparent annotations with black or white text, new default color, new default positions for new annotations and cleaner tooltips.

5. Creative Assets: There are some creative assets available on Creator’s Corner to promote your content on YouTube. Select any of the buttons to get the embed code and paste it into the source code of your website. These buttons will redirect users to your YouTube channel.

Creative Buttons To Direct Visitors To YouTube's Channel
6. Upload From Webcam: You can now upload high quality videos direct from your webcam. All these videos will be of 360p resolution.

7. Free Preview: You can see a free preview of all rental videos in the U.S. It will help you to decide whether you are going to buy that particular video or not.

Enjoy these new features and let us know which one you like most.

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