7 Mistakes Which Will Make Your PPC Campaigns Unprofitable

Are you a business owner or an affiliate marketer and want to generate some leads with the help of PPC Campaigns but can’t able to achieve positive ROI from your campaigns. Then this article is for you. This article would cover the common mistakes which makes a PPC campaign Unprofitable and how to turn your unprofitable PPC campaign into Profitable campaigns.

Wrong Selection of Keywords: – This is the most common problem which makes a PPC campaign unprofitable. Most of the advertisers select all the keywords which Google Adwords tool or any other keyword suggestion tool recommend and ignore the commercial intention of the keywords. Filter out the best keywords according to their commercial intention, CPC and their relevancy to your Product.

Not using Ad groups: – Putting irrelevant keywords in one ad group is major cause of failure of PPC campaigns. Divide your keywords into various ad groups tightly so that only highly relevant keywords remain in one ad group and try to create separate customized ads for each ad group. You can add up to 100 ad groups in one campaign.

Irrelevant Ad copy: – PPC campaigns don’t perform well if your ad copy is not relevant to user searched query. Always try to use keyword in title and body of your ad copy so that it looks relevant. Also you can use emotional triggers like SALE, Buy Now in your ad copy to grab user attention. Also it is a best practice to use Keywords in your display url too. Display urls with keywords always get more clicks. Don’t use common words like is, the, to in your ad copy as you only have limited number of characters to use.

Using of Broad Match: – Are you using Broad Match option in your campaigns? Broad match means that Google will automatically run your ads for all relevant variations of your keywords. For e.g:- If you are using keyword ‘Nike shoes’ then add will also run for phrases like ”My friends shoes are of Nike ” as you can see such queries don’t have any commercial intention and don’t convert well, Use either Phrase match or Exact Match option for your Campaign.

Irrelevant Landing Pages: – Your Landing pages are not relevant to the ads you are showing in your PPC campaigns. It is very important to design relevant landing pages for your ads. For eg:- If you are offering a free book in your ad copy and you are directing all traffic to landing page where users have to pay for the book then users will get frustrated and just leave away your page. Create separate landing pages for each offer in case you are promoting multiple offers at same time.

High Loading Time: – Your Landing pages take lots of time to load completely and your visitors are leaving away because they don’t have time to wait. Since high loading time of your landing pages will affect your Keyword quality score in a negative way and increase CPC for your keywords. Make sure that landing pages load fast. Avoid using of unobtrusive elements like Flash, Pop-ups, and iframes on your landing pages.

Not tracking the results: – There is always a scope of improvement in your PPC Campaigns hence analyzing results of your current PPC campaigns is really important. The analysis would help you to find

out the ads and landing pages which are converting well as compared to others and reasons which make them more successful. Even a small change in your PPC campaign can make a huge impact on your Conversion rate so keep on testing and tweaking your PPC campaign and improving its conversion rate.

About Author: Gagandeep Singh is a freelance writer and loves to write on Landing Page Design and optimization, Blogging, Web 2.0, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

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