Discover New Way of Typing on your Android Smartphone with 8pen

Typing messages and emails on touch enabled phones is serious problem till date. Sure there are many options available on the phone such as auto completion, text prediction and auto error correction but none of them make sense some time. Swype technology was also a big break through in the development process where you can type in your words by just swyping on the on screen QWERTY keyboard. No doubts these methods are considerable but one encounters serious problem when he needs to enter a non dictionary word while chatting with his friend.

Instead of the conventional QWERTY keyboard 8pen provide all new way of typing words on your device. The main screen is separated into four section each of which contain 8 character each. The letters are selected in a unique gesture of the finger. Explanation of the usage of keyboard is little tough in words so below is the short video to give you a better insight.

Feature of the 8pen keyboard

  1. Provide a new way of typing and you will never regret again for smaller screen.
  2. User can enter non dictionary word without any training.
  3. Reduces typing errors.
  4. Gesture support for quick text.
  5. Once you have mastered you can type without even looking at your screen.

Just install the application scanning the below provided QR code and set it as default keyboard after the brief tutorial.


To know more about the development check out the official website

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