9 web services to send large files over web

fork-lift-upload-serviceIf you want to send large file sets to your friend over the internet, it would not be a good option to choose email attachment because of the size limitation. You may be knowing of some free web services which allows to send large files either compressed or normal. These free services are a very convenient and comfortable as you start to use its great value and potential.

There are dozens of them, I think hundreds of services that meet this goal well. All usually have several types of free and paid accounts, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of recommendations based on three criteria: they are free, which does not require registration and does not include advertising or is minimal and not very intrusive.

File Dropper

One of the most simple, flexible and comfortable to use. You and your home conveys that because its design is clean and clear and presents you with a direct form to upload your file. You can upload files up to 5Gb nothing less. Free and without registration. Simple and direct, without a doubt one of my favorites.

You Send It

To send files up to 100Mb requires neither registration nor payment and you can upload the file directly from your homepage. Right there you can also, in addition to sending the file, send an email to the person you want to indicate that the file is now available for download, which can save an extra mailing. The connection is via https.

Drop Send

Two services in one: both send and store files online (for backup, for example). You can send files up to 1GB without installing any software or view advertising. Requires registration but it is one of the most popular and works well I have encouraged to include in the list.

Sizable Sand

Little known but very good job. On the home page and have a form where you provide your email, the recipient and the option to upload your file to 500Mb nothing less. In addition there is virtually no limit on the files you can send consecutively so if you have to “cut” your submission will not have 3Gb biggest problem. Free of course and without any records, but you have to specify the mail sender and recipient.

File Apartment

You can upload files up to 1GB, which will have four days of life until they expire. There are no upload limits, but only allow 3 downloads per file. No registration or payments, is also the easiest to use.


One of the most popular services. You can send files up to 300MB with a maximum of 10 files. The files are stored for 45 days and then removed (more than enough for this type of shipment). If you register but not pay you to upload up to 650MB with unlimited uploads and have an agenda of contacts if you often send the same people.

Share Send

Although it has a limit of 100MB for the file to upload is perhaps the most clean, clear and simple list of all: just the logo and upload form, little more. The only that but I put it is that the progress bar tells you not to climb the state or how long it remains up. Of course free and without registration.


Another very simple and free service that does the job well. You can upload files up to 100Mb and you set the length of time that the file must breathe (from 30 minutes to 1 week). Very basic but very clean, straightforward and uncomplicated.

2 Big 2 Send

Directly from the home of the service can send files up to 150MB. You’ll see that right there already have a contact form to send an email to your recipient informing him that the file is now available with the link to download. The other person will have up to 5 days to download

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Sizable Send - June 11, 2009

Thanks for the post on Sizable Send! We relish the day that websites like those listed above, put the big guys like YouSendIt and MegaUpload out of business. Because it is an innate right for all internet users to be able to share files (large and small) for free!

Your post inspired us to do something CRAZY – we have now permanently changed our size restrictions from 5 files @ 500MB/file per session TO 10 files @ 2GB/file per session. Allowing you to send up to 20GB at a time – for free! And yes, there is still no sign in required!

samrat p - June 11, 2009

nice post… really useful one…
now i can transfer the large files to my friends very easily…

    Rohit Langde - June 12, 2009

    @samrat p, I am glad that you really like it. I would be more thankful if you take out some time and share/bookmark it.

      ricky - October 7, 2009


      thanks for your article. one clarification, i think you are mistaken when you type ‘nothing less’ i think you mean the opposite, ‘nothing more.’ cheers!

gumbee - August 21, 2009

Umm also try yourfilebin.com. 125mb limit.

jim - October 12, 2009

http://file-post.net/ can send up to 250m file, and has much functional feature and easy to use.

Send Big Files - December 3, 2009

Check out http://www.sendfilesfast.net – one of the simplest and fastest file sharing services out there to send big files for free.

Nate - January 18, 2010

I absolutely fell in love with http://www.upload-this.com for file mirroring. They don’t require registration and have a great looking download page with ratings, comments, tags, and social networking. Good stuff.

Inga Speich - February 7, 2010

You must know by now, your writing goes to the nitty-gritty of the topic. Your lucidity leaves me wanting to know more. Just so you know, i will immediately grab your feed to keep up to date with your blog. Saying thanks is simply my little way of saying what a masterpiece for a grand resource. Let In my nicest wishes for your incoming post.

Jean Simon - February 9, 2010

This site http://www.shipyourdata.com allows to:
1- upload your files (up to 4Gb)
2- They burn CD-DVD-USB Key
3- they mail it within USA and Canada
12h service.

When you do not want the recipient to download: this is the ticket.

Eclipse - February 27, 2010

I tried File dropper, but it totally messed up the word document that we were trying to transfer. All the graphs and diagrams came out uncropped/unmodified and the wrong size!

Gonna try one of your other suggestions 🙂

yann - May 6, 2010

try http://www.1fichier.com

support files up to 10Gb
FTP & remote upload

files expires after 60 days without dl

no bandwith or download limitations
100% Free

Simon - May 6, 2010

Don’t waste time uploading files to some untrusted service. Use Binfer to transfer large files directly and securely from your computer to your contacts computer. Drag and drop 1000’s of files, auto resumes and the fastest transfers you can find. Once you transfer files with Binfer you will never use upload based services.It is easy to use and there is no size limit to send the file. The most I like about it is. It’s FREE..
Check it out: http://www.binfer.com

Frank - July 21, 2010

Personally, I like FilesDIRECT:
i. Send files up to 2GB even with free plan)
ii. 128-bit SSL encryption on all files
iii. No software to install and works with any OS
iv. 2 GB of storage to start

Easy to use, 30-day free trial – it’s got my vote!

Charnita Fance - August 11, 2010

Great post!! Sizable Send is awesome. I needed to send a large file to my sis-in-law and this service works great.

Rina Chovanec - September 5, 2010

certainly I’m sure I’m not the only one to think this way.

Trua - October 5, 2010

One more service for file upload and mirror files is http://flashmirrors.com/ . It is very simple in use and fast in work.

Jason - September 16, 2011

For fast and easy file transfers of up to 1GB, you can also try Bighugefile.com. No registration required, and it’s free!

Mikel - September 17, 2011

Thanks for this post, it really helped me a lot. Time is money.

antonio - May 17, 2012

Hello all,
I recommend this website was born recently.
is a site that offers you to load more at once and without limits of space.
In addition, the service is completely free and if you sign up you can have at hand your files forever.
I’d like to know from you what you think


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