How to access, Add, Edit or Delete Files of Android Phone on FTP over WiFi

Recently, I bought a new Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy S i9000) and a regular problem was of sending files from Laptop to Mobile SD card or Internal Memory using USB Data Cable. But now, the pain of attaching a Data cable is relieved because you can access Files on SD card or Internal memory of your Android Phone over WLAN or WiFi.

  1. Download an app called SwiFTP FTP Server
  2. Enter desired Username and Password (Remember it)
  3. Leave the port number as it is (2121)
  4. Check on “Accept connections from wifi
  5. Hit Save Button

You will now be taken to Main screen of application, Click start button

  1. Open Windows Explorer on your Computer / Laptop.
  2. Enter the wifi URL shown after pressing start in the address bar, enter (Red colored number may vary in your case)
    access file over wifi on Android
  3. You will be prompted for username and password, Enter the same as in Step 1 above and Hit Logon button.
    access file over wifi on Android
  4. Here’s the list of Files and Folders on your Android Mobile inside Windows Explorer access over Wifi.

If you are looking for just accessing and downloading files on your SD card or internal memory of Android Phone via browser over WLAN, then there are other simple apps namely OM SDCard Wifi Access and aFile Lite which you can download for Free from Android Market.

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Love Android Apps - July 30, 2010

Many thanks to you for making this site a great one to stay up-to-date with. It seems that I cannot get enough Android-related news lately. I don’t know if it’s because it’s really an exciting time to own an Android phone or I’m heading downhill. Might be a bit of both now that I think about it. Either way, I’ll keep reading what you’re posting, so keep doing a good job of it 😉

dino - June 26, 2011

Can i bookmark this I dont want to key in everytime i wanted to access my sd card

isak - August 23, 2011

thanks alot love it


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