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Access Facebook Faster on Android Phones, Alternatives to Official FB Client

Facebook for Android official app is bulky and takes time to load. On Slower data connections (EDGE / GPRS especially), it never opens the stream. So, from personal experience, I would recommend some alternatives to access Facebook Faster on Android.

First option would be using Mobile version of Facebook which is as good as Facebook application in terms of Interface. For Touchscreen phones (HDPI), Facebook mobile should be preferred. I personally use it on Dolphin or default mobile browser.

Facebook Mobile Browser Touch Version

For MDPI / low resolution devices however, it won’t appear same as shown above in screenshot. It looks somewhat like this:

Facebook on Opera Mini Mobile

Shown above is simplified version with no Facebook timeline-like appearance.

Using above options, though, they will give nice interface and faster Facebook browsing but one thing lacks is support for adding photos on the go and notifications.

Faster alternative to Facebook official app for Android is “Fast Facebook” which I have started using recently. As its name says it provides faster access to Facebook updates, notifications and other activities.

Fast Facebook App for AndroidFast Facebook Comment Box

Update stream shows only the important things leaving behind unwanted elements and hence loads faster.

Things I liked about Fast Facebook

  • Minimalistic / Android ICS design.
  • Changeable Background Image so, Not-so-Facebook-Like Interface can be overlooked.
  • Works seamlessly on slow speed data connection.
  • Supports all essential features required on Facebook.
  • Authentication is done on Facebook and doesn’t store any password.

Comparing to Facebook Official App

  • Interface provided doesn’t even look like Facebook but this can be traded off with customized background themes.
  • Push Notifications is a proposed feature and it was not available at the time of writing this article.
  • Tagging Friends isn’t possible.

How do you access Facebook on Mobile Phones? Do you know about any other faster alternative to access Facebook notifications and catch up with Updates?

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Jinav Satra - April 11, 2012

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