How to Access Facebook Profile / Wall within Gmail Account on all Browsers

If you do have a Facebook profile created with a Gmail account and you update your status very often, you should give this cool Gmail Labs feature a try. This Labs feature lets you access Facebook profile from within your Gmail account. You can update your status, view wall and news feed without opening a new tab.

We have already seen How to access Facebook inside Gmail using Google Chrome extension but using Gmail Labs Feature, it is possible on all Browsers without any addon.

Log in to your Gmail account and click the “Settings” link at the right-top corner.

Settings Link inside the Gmail Account

Click the “Labs” tab under “Settings”.

Gmail Labs Tab under the Settings of Gmail Account

You will find a Gmail Labs feature named “Add any gadget by URL”. Enable it and save the changes.

Gmail Labs Feature - Add Any Gadget by URL

Now, you will find a new tab “Gadgets” under “Settings”.

New Gadget Tab under Settings of Gmail Account

Go to the “Gadgets” tab. Enter the address in the textbox provided and click the “Add” button.

Enter the URL of Facebook Gadget in the Textbox Provided

Facebook gadget will be added to your Gmail account.

Facebook Gadget Added to Gmail Account

A new element “Facebook” will appear bellow “Chat” in the left pane of your Gmail account. Click the “expand” link to open Facebook interface.

Click the Expand Link to Open Facebook Interface inside Gmail

A “Login to Facebook” button will appear in the right. Press it to continue.

Login to Your Facebook Profile

You have to permit the Gmail Gadget to access your Facebook profile for the first time. Click “Allow”.

Allow the Gmail Gadget to Access Your Facebook Profile

Log in to your Facebook Account with your existing username and password combination.

Log in to Facebook with Your Username and Password

You will have the following interface. To update your status, write something in the textbox provided and click “Share”. There are three more options to access, News feed, Wall and Profile. When you click “profile”, it opens a new tab and redirects you to your Facebook profile page. News feed and Wall open in the same tab inside Gmail. When you are done with your Facebook profile, click “Logout” to go to the normal Gmail interface.

Facebook Interface inside Gmail Account - Update Your Status

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Conversational Agent - September 22, 2010

Nice share! I have been waiting for something like this since I always use my mail. I will be transferring my Facebook account from yahoo to gmail now! 😀

    kt hlaing - September 22, 2010


Ashish Mundhra - September 22, 2010

Can’t comment on any of the status updates !!!

Bojan - February 25, 2011

This is great tutorial, I will link to it in one of my articles about Google labs.

Ankur Mhatre - November 26, 2012

Nice. But will it work in an organization where facebook is blocked?

    Rohit Langde - November 26, 2012

    Depends on the blocking type.
    Organizations generally install a Firewall like Bluecoat or K9 which monitors all traffic. On such Firewalls, any request going to domain is blocked. So, elements of Facebook gadget will fail to load.
    Still, I would recommend trying it once. Who knows.


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