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Access Notification Bar while Playing Game without Exiting Full Screen Apps

SMS / EMail notifications can come anytime even when you are playing game or watching movie videos. Problem is when the Android App opens up in Full screen, Notification bar becomes inaccessible. Exiting the Video or Leaving the Game in middle isn’t worth if it was an unimportant email or Telemartketing SMS.

I hope, now you got the importance of Accessing Notification bar; it makes easy to peep through the game and check whether any important notification. So, here I share a handy application which makes it possible to access notifications even on Full screen apps without exiting.

Bird Bar is an awesome application in which all you need to do is swipe from off the edge of your screen onto the screen to read notification.

How to Start Bird bar Notification Bar

Install the app and open. Tap on Start button followed by Top Curve Preset.

You will notice a faint white bar enclosing top side of screen which on tapping slides out Notification bar. You are set now! Start Playing the Game or any Video without worrying about hidden incoming notifications. This bar will appear on all applications even on Full screen Games and Videos.

Free version is ad free and does exactly what you expected. If you upgrade to the premium version, you get a ton of preferences to modify. You can tweak what sides can trigger the notification, change the sensitivity, have it start on boot, and even show which sides can be hit.

I tested it on my Samsung Galaxy S while playing Angry Bird Rio and even on some video playbacks and conclude that its a must install app even if you are occasional gamer. With Bird Bar, no more whining over lost Progress in Game or pausing Movie in middle of Interesting scene as Notifications are now accessible within any app.

Download Bird Bar Notifications Tool from Android Market.

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