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One thing you miss while publishing blog posts from Windows Live Writer is that you cannot add Custom fields from the editor. Thats the reason I left using it since, I always had to define Thumbail image and Theme fields in some of the articles. So, WordPress uers- Now you can add Custom fields from Windows Live Writer.

These Custom Fields have more importance when you need to enter one of the most important thing SEO data if using All in one SEO pack plugin. We can now enter the metadata for SEO right from Windows Live Writer with this new plugin.

Windows Live Writer is undoubtedly one of the best, but the best product that Microsoft has made after Windows 98 SE, Today I think Live Writer is the best editor for WordPress there, the only detail that was missing was able to handle well “Custom Fields” and this need is satisfied by the use of 3rd party plugin.

The plugin for Windows Live Writer installs very easily, just download the .dll and store it in the folder C: / Program Files / Windows Live / Writer / Plugins, then start the program and you will see the 3 plugins enabled that we just installed. Why three? Because here’s one to use the custom fields, Second for moderating comments as approved or marking them as spam, and the third (the least useful) to change the tagline of our blog, all from our Windows Live Writer.

I hope you try it and tell me whether you find it productive or not?

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Justin - January 12, 2010

Rohit – thanks for this plugin for WLW.

I’ve installed it to the directory you specify (and have also tried C:\Program Files\Windows Live Writer\Plugins.

The comments and blog title tools work, but not the custom fields one (even though under Tools | Options | Plug-ins it is marked as installed and enabled… :'(

Any ideas?

cesar - January 4, 2011

Dear all:

Anyway to make Custom Fields to work in Windows Live Writer?

Thanks, César


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