Add Bookmarks to Favorite Folders and Open them from System Tray

In day to day computer usage it is noticed that there are some folders that we use the most. For instance suppose we use software, movies, music folders nearly daily. These folders may be located deep inside many folders hence we have to make many clicks before accessing them. This work can be made simple with just a few clicks with Folder Bookmarks.

Folder Bookmarks is a windows freeware application. It can create bookmarks to your favorite folders so that you can open it directly without visiting several places. Working with Folder Bookmark is easy and simple. It provides several options like adding and editing bookmark to a folder, adding and editing bookmark category and deleting them.  If you have many bookmarks you can also manage them by creating archives.

For adding a bookmark to a file or folder first you have to create a category for the desired files or folders and then place them within the category. This feature helps in organizing the bookmarks properly and category wise. You can also open the parent directory of the selected bookmarked folder.

Folder Bookmarks resides in system tray that can be quickly accessed to add new bookmarks and open existing ones. This application is useful for people in saving time to access same folders frequently in a day.

Download Folder Bookmarks (1.28MB)

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