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Today, most users have a Google account, which allows you to use Google Talk, the messenger through which we can interact / chat with other users. Fortunately, We can add Google Talk Widget to your blog so that visitors can exchange messages with us.

Good thing about this Google Talk Widget is that you only need to have a Google account to add the widget, preventing your visitors from the need of a separate account.

With Google Talk widget, we can chat with multiple people simultaneously, having a tab for each conversation and offering the chance to show our state to help our users know whether we are reachable at the moment or not.

The style of Google Talk widget is similar to the Gmail interface, so it’s not very complicated to use, and the status to choose are: Available, Busy and Offline.

Once, HTML code is embedded, it is not necessary that your visitors install any additional plugin, we just copy the code and paste it into the desired location on our blog (sidebar preferably).

The Google Talk Widget is free and the only requirement is of course, have a Google account, through which we can have improvements such as integration with Gmail and the newly added invisible mode.

Google Talk widget

Press on Select the code button below and copy the code. Login to Blogger Dashboard and in Design / Template Elements page, add new Javascipt/HTML gadget. Paste this code and you are done.

For any problems with the embed code or installation, feel free to comment.

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miniwrites - October 7, 2012

chatbox code is not working.


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