Add Speed Dial Page to Firefox | Website Thumbs on Opening New Tab

If you find speed dial feature of Opera interesting, means thumbnail of your websites on the new tab and welcome page similar feature on Google Chrome. It’s not a feature of Mozilla Firefox by default but it’s Extension called Fast Dial can surely do this for you.

Fast Dial is an add-on for Firefox that enables you to add an Opera-style ‘speed dial’ option to your welcome page, so you can quickly locate an important website. You can easily customize Fast Dial. To enable custom settings you have to go to add-on section and select the option from Fast dial. You can customize size of the thumbnails or select automatic sizes. This helps to keep your browser tidy when you have a lot of websites present in dial.


For the first run, you will get blank dials. To add a webpage to dial, just paste the link of the webpage and give it a name. Optionally you can also add a small description to it.

The application replaces the ¨about:blank¨ page and turns it to a quick dialer. In latest versions of Firefox, if you do not have the blank page by default, go to settings and change homepage to blank.


Download Fast Dial Addon

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