Adsense Won’t Disable Trusted Publishers Account For Invalid Activity

Adsense Account Disabled for invalid Clicks or Impressions“. That’s what Google says in email without giving any clue on why it happened or how to fix it. It is a scary experience for Honest publisher who never indulged in such activities. But Google has now realized something and decided to act more humanly.

New publishers even don’t know what do these terms mean. So, let me tell you that invalid activity in the eyes of Google is intentional clicks or impressions. Maybe made by human (like asking your friends to click on ads) or automated surfing software.

What if you are innocent?

Google won’t directly disable Adsense accounts for any invalid activity recorded instead, they will suspend accounts. And in the process, they will contact the publisher directly to resolve this issue. Here, publisher will be given more details about the causes behind invalid activity. Also, new Adsense invalid activity form has been made more informative for ease.

But wait.. this provision is only for Trusted publisher.

Who is Adsense Trusted Publisher?

In the announcement, Google didn’t define any terms to be called as Trusted Publisher. But, it is clear that they will consider the history of the Adsense Account and Publisher’s age and reputation to treat them as Trusted.

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This is indeed a great move taken by Google towards transparency in terminating Adsense accounts. In their words:

While the vast majority of publishers who sign up for AdSense do so in good faith, unfortunately there are some bad actors out there.  As you can imagine, we can’t reveal all the tools we use to keep bad sites and bad traffic out of our network.  But sometimes these tools result in good publishers who become a source of invalid activity having their accounts disabled without much recourse.  We’re making some changes we think will help fix this.

And these changes can be summarized as:

  1. Google will look at the age and tenure of the publisher and may only suspend instead of terminate the publisher while working with that publisher to fix the issue.
  2. A new and more detailed appeals form was created to make the appeal process easier.
  3. Google will provide more transparency with more details on invalid activity’s causes via email and the AdSense console.
  4. They expanded their AdSense Academy.
  5. Google launched a new series of videos for this specific topic. Here is the first video:

Still, the case of Adsense publishers who are new but still a victim of such activity remains questionable. What do you think?

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Rajkumar Jonnala - December 31, 2012

Not a bad idea after all. It’s good for bloggers with less experience in Adsense area to get more exposure and at the same time their Adsense accounts will not be disabled This is good news.

Anish K.S - January 4, 2013

Good News Rohit.


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