Enable Advanced Boot Menu in Windows 8 (F8 Boot)

Advance Boot Menu was a very handy feature used in previous versions of Windows like Windows 7, Vista, XP etc. The advance boot menu is particularly helpful to boot Windows in Safe Mode. You will be definitely missing this feature when Windows 8 fails to boot due to some software upgrade or newly installed application. Other than the Safe Mode there are many more options to use in Advance Boot Menu.


Windows 8 advance boot options

This menu was easily accessible just by tapping function key F8 during OS start up. Now with Windows 8 you might have tried this several times but the Advance boot mode do not appear. Its not that the Advance boot mode is disabled in Windows 8 but the time system waits for F8 has been reduced greatly. Hence we do not have much chance the other way around is to go to PC settings and boot in Advance menu directly. Its not that handy if your system suddenly stops booting.

Enable Windows 8 Advance boot menu

WinAero has released a small utility that allows you to get back Advance Boot Menu for Windows 8. Boot UI Tuner not only activates the Advance Boot Menu but also gives you further options to play around further with Windows 8 boot.

Boot UI Tuner Features

  • Enable advanced options of boot menu – If selected it will show Safe Mode, Debugging Mode etc. Before every Windows Startup.
  • Enable editing of boot options at Startup – Not much used but you can give it a try to have additional options.
  • Enable Windows Logo- By default this option is ON. Un-check the box to disable Windows 8 logo at Startup.
  • Enable Messages- if disabled Windows will not show waiting messages during Startup or Shutdown.
  • Enabling Loading Circle- If disabled, the loading circle will disappear.
  • Enable Legacy Boot- This option will enable/disable Windows 8 OS selection screen.

Boot UI Tuner Usage Tips

In my opinion there in no need to disable Windows messages. This allows you to have idea about whats going on at background that is making Windows 8 Shutdown or Restart to wait. If you are dual booting Windows 8 with Windows 7 and use Windows 7 as your default OS then waiting for Windows 8 Boot selection menu is lame. This is because when you select Windows 7 it reboots the system again. Hence you loose valuable time, therefore its best to enable Legacy boot while dual booting.

If you want to revert back to original settings, just click on Defaults. This app is very small and portable. It has installer for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 8. Boot UI Tuner is a must have app if you were missing safe boot in Windows 8 or wanted to tune Windows 8 Boot Menu.

Boot UI Tuner Working Video

Download: Boot UI Tuner

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