Advanced System Care PRO 6 Review: Ultimate PC Speedup Solution

In a day’s busy schedule you might be doing all sorts of work on your System which may be crucial to you. The worst happens when you lose it completely by accident or by your system failure. Apart from these extreme scenarios if you have hell lot of work you will never appreciate that your system takes minutes to respond to your single command! On top of this if you are a person who handles lot of data then you are as sure as dead!

So, in this situation only an automated System Maintenance can be of help. Previously We had reviewed TuneUp Utilities 2013 & Avdanced System Care Pro 5. Now we have new Advanced System Care PRO 6. So lets take a look on whats new and whats better than the previous version.

New features in Advanced System Care PRO 6

Advanced System Care Pro 6 has all the features you will ever need to keep your system tuned at top performance. It also provides you with preliminary protection against malware and other harmful stuffs. So what exactly are the new inclusions?

  • New User Interface.
  • Deep registry cleaning.
  • Boost applications.
  • Optimize Internet connection speed.
  • Online Surfing protection.
  • Improved Disk Defragment Engine.

Advanced System Care Pro 6 Interface

In one word I can describe it as “awesome”. The new interface is even better and visually more appealing than the previous version. You can use it in Simple/ Simplified mode or Expert mode.

Advanced System Care V6 Simple Mode

advanced system care v6 interface review

Simple Mode will give you a quick scan of your system and optionally it will automatically rectify the errors found. Using this mode is helpful when you need instant remedy just after installing ASC and have less time to think about setting it up. Results will be shown in following manner.

asc v6 how is the interface

Just click on the repair button to clean all the problems. You do not need to worry about anything else. Now lets see what’s in there in Expert Mode.

[alert-announce] The results you see on the above image are produced after I have been using TuneUp 2013 since I reviewed it. So, with TuneUp working in parallel these many errors were unexpected![/alert-announce]

Advanced System Care V6 Expert Mode

Care Suite

Advanced System care v6 Interface review

In Expert mode you have a lot of options which you can enable or disable. If you decide to go Expert mode for the first time after installation, select all the options. With all options enabled it will take some time to scan depending on the condition of your system.

[alert-note] Note the difference in Simple and Expert Mode Scans.[/alert-note]

Advanced system Cleaner v6 Expert Mode results

The Power Sign beside Registry Defrag means the task will be performed at next system restart.

[alert-success] If you perform optimization through Expert mode along with Auto Shutdown Feature at night, you do not have to wait until it finishes. [/alert-success]

Setting Up Care Suite Elements

If you want perfection, you have to invest sometime customizing the operations you want to be performed. Either you can unselect any option to restrict it from being performed or click on the settings button that appears on hovering mouse over any maintenance element. There is also an option for quick setup.

Quick Settings

Advanced system care v6 quick settings

In Quick Settings you can directly turn on/off various aspects of System Maintenance without spending much time if you already know what that particular module does. Well you don’t have to know much as ASC gives a good description of each module sufficient for general people to understand.

Detailed Settings

advanced System care v6 settings

With detailed settings you can customize each of the modules without turning them off. This is necessary in case you do not want to perform all the tasks. So now you are controlling the optimization in your way. So its advisable to use these settings with precaution and proper understanding.


advanced system care v6 toolbox

This is the Advanced System care inventory. All tools you need to have for system maintenance are available here. Some of the important features that you might be needing are finding duplicate files, empty folders and driver manager to update system drivers. Lets have a look at the important tools.

Driver Updater

Advanced system Care Driver Update

Driver updates are redirected to the developer site, hence you will directly land on their download page. You can download the drivers using you download manager at full speed. So no more updates at crappy speed. You can backup, update and restore drivers whenever you wish.

Many of the primary applications are inbuilt where as you will need to download some through IObit official site. IObit Unlocker, Smart Defrag are such applications. I do not mind downloading more applications till I do not have to spend separately for them.

Smart RAM

Best Memory RAM freeing application

RAM Cleaner is very useful if you are having less RAM installed on your system. Before using this tool you have to set the amount of RAM to free or use it in smart free for automatic RAM freeing.

[alert-warning] When you wish to free RAM manually, do not enter high values of RAM. It will leave the already opened applications as un responsive for some time. Personal Experience with Firefox. [/alert-warning]

IE Helper

Repain corrupt internet explorer

If your Internet Explorer has got stuffed in due course of time then IE Helper is the best help for you. You can instantly remove all unwanted addons, buttons, toolbars etc. Hence you got a faster IE without the irritating elements that you might have got accidentally while installing other software.

Internet Boost

increase Internet Speed

With this feature you can optimize your browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera to get best surfing experience with the available connection bandwidth. The Process is mostly automated, only thing that you need to do is specify your connection bandwidth.


batch uninstaller windows software

An efficient Uninstaller is a must have for all systems. Here you can Batch uninstall applications with the option to deep scan and remove left over registry entries. You can also use forced uninstall option for applications not uninstalling in the usual manner.

[alert-success] You can also make Portable Version of ASC from Toolbox. [/alert-success]

Turbo Boost

make windows system faster

This feature allows you to make separate profiles according to your working preferences. When in work mode you can select the Windows Services that you will be needing but in gaming mode you can disable a lot of Windows features so that less resources are consumed. If you are not a gamer, still you can use these modes to keep the stress off your system.

[alert-success] Setting up Turbo Mode will also allow you to active auto battery management schemes.[/alert-success]

Windows  Gadget

system performance gadget windows 7

IObit Presents a performance gadget to quickly monitor System aspects like CPU, Disk, RAM, Network usage. Optionally you can manually free RAM, Scan system and use the Windows Power options directly. On minimizing the gadget it shows the CPU and RAM usage only. Well this feature is not much required for many users and can be easily removed.

Active Optimization

speed up windows software start

If enabled active optimization will prioritize starting applications hence making them faster to load. Using this feature is not mandatory as you might not be noticing a huge difference. So better let Windows manage it. You may still give it a try and check it out for yourself.

Advanced System Care Pro V6 Surfing Protection

online surfing protection

As you install ASC V6, it will automatically integrate with browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera. In Firefox you will need to allow the browser add-on to be installed. This add-on will appear at right corner of address bar and let you know whether the website/ URL you have opened is safe or not.

If you were already using surfing protection provided by a premium antivirus software, disable ASC plugin from withing the browser.

Advanced System Care V6 Overview

advanced system care v6

After going through each functionality of Advanced System Care V6, I find its smoother and will not bother your time once it is configured. It has all the tools necessary to keep your system clean from the basic level. Using ASC in Free mode will also serve your needs but the goodies do not come free. To obtain advanced cleaning and auto maintenance features you will need to upgrade to pro version.

Which One Should I Buy, TuneUp 2013 or Advanced System Care V6?

With ASC V6 we have the same level of maintenance as TuneUp 2013. Most of the features are same with ASC has additional tools such as Empty Folder scanner, Duplicate File Finder and a better Uninstaller. The new User Interface is much better compared to ASC V5 and Tuneup Utilities 2013. It is simple, fast and easier to access available tools.

So, you are still confused with which one to buy as they provide the same features?! Now let us take a look at the prices. Advanced System Care V6 is way lot Cheaper than TuneUp 2013. Take this decision carefully as once you buy for a year, again you will need to upgrade to future versions later.

[alert-note]Using Advanced SystemCare Coupon, you can grab  it for 50% Discount[/alert-note]

My final Word will be “Go for Advanced System Care“. Again you might feel that I am favoring ASC for no reason. Here is a justification. I had been a big fan of TuneUp since 2010 but lately Advanced System Care has shown greater improvements. No one likes to pay high for brand name and for Upgrades with less new features.

Feel free to drop your views on the best among TuneUp and Advanced System Care. Your personal experiences will be valuable to give other readers a clear picture.

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mohan - October 23, 2012

Really an awesome software and useful features.

Sushil - October 24, 2012

Man, great Job!!!
I liked it so much and i have to learn lots of things from your review….

WallShade - October 26, 2012

I’ve used the previous versions of the software and was not so satisfied with the overall performance.Is there any trial version available to download before buying?

    Rohit Langde - October 26, 2012

    Unfortunately NO, You cannot have a trial of ASC v6 PRO version.
    However, there is a FREE version of the same product which is different and no match for PRO version.
    Check it here-

    Reply - November 1, 2012

Thanks bro it helps me a lot

PrIyAnGsHu - November 5, 2012

I found it to be so far the best system optimization tool of 2012. I’m right now using it on my PC. Thanks for the review and the coupon.

ha14 - November 5, 2012

one thing for sure iobit change the theme of the software each year.

Jake - April 7, 2013

I have used ASC for a few years now and love it so when I upgraded to Windows 8 I dumped Norton and ordered ASC Ultimate with AV. But Windows action center says I have no Antispyware installed??? I went to Iobit support page to ask about this and they ask for personal information but do not use or even let me use HTTPS to encrypt the data??? A ITSEC company that won’t even let you use IT Security?? Huh, so I see Iobit has an expert advanced diagnostics? I ran ASC with AV then ran the Advance Diagnostics and it says I have 2 PC Stability issues, junk files, Windows Damage Severity HIGH???? What??? They do not have a chat support I can find and when you click fix it just give you a number to call. So, how do I find out if this product really works as far as an IT Security tool and why is the Advanced Diagnostics tool telling me I have all these problems when I have your best product that is suppose to fix these problems????? Driver update does not appear to work either? Have found several (non-beta) updated drivers already but ASC tool did not?


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