Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 Review: PC Tuneup + Antivirus

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is a combination of Advanced SystemCare 6 PRO and Bitdefender Antivirus. That’s a complete care- Dual protection by BitDefender anti-virus engine and IObit anti-malware engine and PC tuneup capabilities of ASC 6 PRO. PC Maintenance and optimization along with virus protection in one program.

To begin with the review, Installation is straightforward and fast.

On first run, you will be prompted that databases are obsolete and needs to be updated. This was heavy- In my case, (123+82)MB of files were downloaded.

Interface is super sexy. Main window is divided in two parts. You can toggle between Antivirus and Care. There are two modes- Simple and Expert which can be chosen according to level of expertise.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Interface Review

In expert mode, there is Turbo Boost and Toolbox in addition.

Tooolbox consists of PC Tuneup modules like Registry cleaner, Clone file finder, Defrag tools, Uninstaller, recovery, etc.

And Turbo boost is about customizing system behavior according to use by creating profiles. For example: different settings for work and Gaming can be configured.

To my surprise, Advanced SystemCare detected 4680 problems on my system. Most of them were registry fixes which resulted out of frequent install-uninstall of programs.

Results are categorized for easy reading. I could have pressed Repair button and swiped it for once and for all but preferred analyzing results first.

advanced systemcare 6 ultimate results

About Internet Boost, the recommendations would really prove to be effective. It scans each browser and suggest optimized values for various parameters. So, I don’t have to enter each value manually in about:config to speed up Firefox when SystemCare Ultimate does it in one click.

Also, the Registry fix module and Junk files were detection was fair.

One thing disappointed me was Malware section. The program listed cookies on web browser as malware which isn’t acceptable. Most of these cookies were from Advertisers (which is fine) but also there were some false positives like cookies of forum boards which are required for login.

On a bright side, it also listed Babylon registry keys under malware. I wonder how they were still there when I uninstalled Bablyon toolbar completely.

Impressive thing about Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is that, it creates a rollback when you give a command to repair problems. This rollback may come handy if something goes wrong and you want to undo changes. Generally, not available in most of the PC maintenance programs.

Automatic Maintenance and Cleanup

On first run, you may execute SMART scan manually but chances are that you won’t do it periodically. So, Advanced SystemCare offers automated system cleanup which you can schedule on specific date/time or make it when system is idle.

I prefer maintenance thing when System is idle which means cleanup thing wont disturb my work.

Antivirus Scan

Obviously, there wasn’t any virus on my system as I use Bitdefender and even Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is powered by Bitdefender engine so, it won’t be able find anything different. But, please note one thing that Advanced SystemCare isn’t a dedicated antivirus solution. In my tests, though, the detection rate was similar but on demand scan is slower.

advanced systemcare ultimate antivirus

Module has all necessary features of antivirus including the Silent Mode of Bitdefender.

Just like any Antivirus, you will have to update it to get virus definitions.

Do I still need a separate Antivirus? I don’t think so.

Last but not the least, there is a Performance monitor widget for Desktop. It shows current status of system health along with many handy functions like Cleaning RAM, Scanning, Shut Down, etc.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Gadget


If you want an overall protection along with PC Maintenance modules, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is an all-in-one solution. You won’t have to look, ASC 6 Ultimate will take complete care of your system and provide all round protection. Though, it needs a rework on Antivirus section but still it offers an acceptable level of security to system.

Also, the cost (29.99$) at which you are getting it is very reasonable. You don’t have to spend extra on Antivirus software. Give it a try for free by using a fully functional trial for 30 days or buy it now and avail 5% discount.

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Prabhath - December 10, 2012

Nice Review……..

seif eddine - December 10, 2012

This program is worth trying and you deserve thanks and gratitude


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