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Images in blog are used either used for Illustrative purposes or simply aesthetic enhancers. Besides, being a part of attraction they should correspond to what all is explained. While you are on mission to make your image simply to attract then there are somethings which become complicated. Yes, you have the image to accompany with the post but it is sometimes not so attractive, simple or too common to use. So, in such cases- you can use free programs like PhotoScap because we all know that one image worths thousand words.

PhotoScape is a free program that allows us to alter images to make them look more attractive or just different. It’s one of those applications that allow you to obtain spectacular effects without resorting to other more powerful, but certainly more laborious programs like Photoshop or GIMP.

PhotoScape Batch Editor

PhotoScape Batch Editor

PhotoScape is an excellent resource for quick editing of images. It has many options, introducing several useful tools. These include:

  1. A viewer that lets you view all images in a folder.
  2. An editor (which I will below).
  3. In batch editor that allows us to implement many of the effects of the simple editor for a group of pictures (from resizing filters or frames).
  4. Page, which allows us to create a new image from several placed together in one of the many combinations you have.
  5. Screenshot to capture the screen.
  6. Creating animated GIFs.
  7. Image converter from RAW to JPG
  8. Batch image files renaming feature

With a large number of filters, although in some cases are not as customizable as other professional publishers, we can apply a wide range of effects to the pictures on your blog, if not spectacular, at least different.

Besides filters, you can add frames to your images. And do not be in two or three templates, but we can choose from more than 100 different options. It also allows us to add what the program called “Objects”: Clipart as stamps, dialog balloons, shapes, etc.. Obviously, we can text without any problem.

Download PhotoScape Editor

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