Search Beyond Google with All in One Web Search App For Windows 8

When we want to search information online, Google is the only name that rings a bell in our head. But do you always get satisfied results? Most of the time Yes. But there are times when you want a specific result like when looking for a old friend or a household product for purchase.

Google isn’t always the answer.

I agree that Google is the first choice but when you are looking for specific things, go for dedicated search engines. For example: If you are looking for a Person- Go to Facebook or Twitter, Find about movies on IMDB, Icons on Icon search engine and so on. There are even search engines dedicated for Flickr and File Sharing sites.

So, why only stick to one when you get all these in one place. Search All is a simple Windows 8 app that allows you to search everything in a single Window.

How Does Search All Works?

Windows 8 web search app

Search All is a simple app. It provides you with a search box and various search providers. What you have to do is enter a query and select a search provider of your choice. Supported search providers are:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube
  • Imdb
  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Amazon
  • EBay

When you select anyone of the above options, the search page is loaded within the app.

windows 8 web search app

Now if you want to search the same query with other search provider, just click on the search provider icon. The results will change instantly. This feature is specially helpful while searching for a product on Ebay or Amazon.

Amazon/ ebay Search app windows 8

Using this app, you can quickly make use of online dictionary. Obviously you will need to enter relevant words for it to work. For instance, if you are searching for a product then switching to dictionary will be bit useless.

Online dictionary windows 8

Improving the Search

facebook search app windows 8

To get more relevant search you can login to respective accounts within this app. Logging in precisely helps you in making Social Network searches. You can make Twitter, Google+ and Facebook search with capability of taking actions like adding friends or liking pages. You also have the option to open the pages in browser.

But don’t underestimate Google, using search tricks, it is also capable of delivering refined search results.

SearchAll App Drawbacks

This is a very basic app, without any complicated functionality and hence there are no noticeable features lacking. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no back button for search. It means that if you have made a search using Google and clicked on a result then you cannot go back to the result page. All you have to do is again click on the Google button to generate fresh result.

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rakesh - December 9, 2012

Google terms is only exist in our mind when we think about to search. Let’s try out something different way. Thanks Sourojit


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