How to Force Set Always Idle / Away Status on Gtalk / Gmail Chat

Gtalk is most used chat client and by default it doesn’t provide any option to set status as “Idle” or “Away” or simply show Orange Light infront of your Name to your Chat List friends. So, here is a trick to do that forcibly.

To set Idle or Away Status on Gtalk or Gmail Chat, you will have to use Pidgin (Download here) which is another Multiple account Chat client available for Windows and Linux. It provides an option to set your chat status as “Away” which reflects orange bulb to your friends without actually you are idle.

Yes, Invisible is another option but it will be shown as Offline to all Friends in Chat list. You can use Gmail Invisible Detector trick to find who is hiding from you setting status as Invisible.

This helps in several ways, there are some people on Chat whom you cannot avoid even if you want to, no matter you set Red bulb or Busy status. Being Away is a best option as no one can blame you that you didn’t respond to them.

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Jitendra Vyas - January 2, 2012

Thanks for Tip. it works

Nick - February 10, 2013

Does this work even if you are logged in gTalk android? I mean, will i appear away in gtalk mobile?

    Rohit Langde - February 10, 2013

    There isn’t any option to force Away status on gtalk app for Android and unfortunately Pidgin isn’t supported on Android platform.


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