Analyze Graphics Card Details With GPU-Z

If you have a Graphics card installed on your system and want to know it true capabilities, you will try it from the driver properties. It gives a very basic details that may not be complete and incomplete information is useless. So if you really need to know your graphics card a very small and portable application can help. GPU-Z is a light weight utility that can show you every details of the graphics card and the limits till which it can push your gaming or visual experience. It supports almost all cards from ATI and Nvidia.

This advance graphics card analyzer shows your every detail divided in two parts:


This section shows you hardware details of your graphics card. Information like technology used, memory, shader, gpu clocks. Several other small details like OpenGl, CUDA, PhysX and direct computing capabilities are also given .


Shows real time graph for all loads on your graphics card.


You can upload your graphics card information to GPU-Z online database and take part in review and bug reporting.

My Verdict

Using this application is very easy, there is nothing to configure. Moreover it is portable, so you can carry it whenever and wherever you need.

Download: GPU-Z

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