Analyze Multiple Graphics Cards Installed on your System

Earlier we covered GPU-Z, a freeware application that can analyze graphics card’s specification in Windows. If you are not happy with one tool at your hand, GPU Shark is also a good option to give a try.

GPU Shark is a portable graphics card analysis tool for windows. It is easy to use, has simple but powerful interface that accommodates all information at a single place. It can be used by both beginners and advanced users.

GPU Shark provides two modes to view information. With one you can view only the present state of your graphics card. Information include present state of graphics card’s performance with respect of GPU, memory, shader clock frequencies and temperature.

The advanced view or detailed view can be brought from the view option. It includes measures for all level of performances.

GPU Shark does not provide much information on graphics card architecture as provided in GPU-Z. But it is a simple tool to keep performance check on all graphics cards on your system. It can analyze inactive card’s too apart from the one that is currently being used.

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