Android 2.2 on Samsung Wave, Froyo running on Wave S8500

Samsung Wave is quite a popular ad powerful smartphone released last year. It has everything concerned with hardware specification but only low down point is its operating system – BADA and its restrictive environment.

Though, we tried WaveSpoofer to install cracked apps on BADA but still, Samsung Wave owners always wanted to have Android running on their devices and Polish hackers have successfully ported Android 2.2.1 of Samsung Galaxy S to Wave S8500 equipped with BADA.

This project is named as AndroBADA and it is in Alpha stages, facing problem with RAM and CPU access. It isn’t available for testing purpose for public and still in private Beta.

As this phone was releases along with Samsung Galaxy S and customers always wanted to have Android running on Wave. And, this porting makes somewhat sense instead of porting Ubuntu and Windows to smartphones which is just experimental resulting out of curiosity.

I would be happy if Hackers become successful and release the development ROM for Wave users as the device is fully capable of running it boasting 1GHz CPU and 512MB RAM. [ via ]

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fallou - December 17, 2012

we are waiting android for wave 3 lol


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