Android Antivirus Apps: Is it Worth Installing?

Since our mobile phones have become real small laptops. They also become prey to the threats on the PC. Just think: with a smartphone, you can browse the Internet, connect to online services like Facebook teeming with personal information or sending emails after voluntarily gave his password to the machine. A gold mine for a skilled and malicious hacker.

If the environment from Apple (Not Mac but the iPhone) seem so far relatively unscathed, the Google’s open world, and especially of its Android mobile OS is a good victim of software piracy.

Threats to Android

They are not as numerous as on PC, but they have already varied. A recent study by the firm Nielsen and the center of threats Jupiner Networks says that Android smartphones have seen a 472% increase in threats for the July-November 2011, popular forces. What thrilling users entrust more and more personal information to their beloved mobile.

Rise of Android Malware - Click to Enlarge

There is a side malware that sends premium SMS without your knowledge. Without a trace … except on your phone bill that shows a serious spike.

Consider the example in this category of malware named Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Foncy raging since last year and was identified by experts at Kaspersky. This Trojan was originally hidden in a apk file found in a hurry on the net, deflected the real apk file an application to manage its SMS, MMS and calls.

Once installed, the malware sends premium SMS 4 in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, UK and Canada according to the original SIM card. A discreet way to get themoney quickly and without effort to the cyber criminals.

The other form “popular” spread of malware on Android is good old-spyware software, also known as spyware. This is a simple application downloaded (often) by fraudulent means a service that delivers on the surface, but behind the scenes harvest your personal information for profit. This may include photos, passwords, SMS, and many more.

There is another kind of threat. Fake NetFlix circulating since late last year, as reported by the site SecurityWeek. This was downloaded from the Android Market even before the formal application is available. Service since it offers no error message is displayed instantly. Only option: uninstall it. Too late, the damage is done.

What happens most of the time with this type of applications: an error message reports that your phone is not compatible with this version of the application.

Antivirus Apps on Android Market

Many antivirus has already appeared on the Android Market past two years (actually, they swarmed). We selected 5 free antivirus for Android which deserves to be installed.

  1. Avast! Mobile Security
  2. AVG Antivirus for Android
  3. Norton Mobile Security
  4. Lookout Security and Antivirus
  5. Zoner Antiviru

Note that these five anti-virus applications can also locate mobile if it is lost or stolen, Or even lock it away to avoid some too personal data falling into unknown hands.

Are Android Antivirus Effective?

The debate over the origin of the malware is still present. Part of the population, admirer of conspiracy theories, of course think that major viruses are created by the anti-virus vendors themselves. At Google, especially Chris DiBona, A specialist in open source for the American giant, it is believed that these same threats are “scareware” manufactured by charlatans to scare the masses.

It is true that Users are too worried about the data on their mobile device, “My life is in my Mobile phone“, we have heard this sentence many times. Especially since many antivirus scanner for Android notifies that all the files are scanned and found safe but who knows what it does in backend? Does my antivirus really work, what it does? We often let us convince them that actually detects when a malicious file. If it finds anything suspicious, there remains a doubt.

AV Test conducted a test on various Antivirus available for Android where the motive was to detect 10 malicious software installed and results were pretty poor.

Android Antivirus App Comparison - Click to Enlarge


Of the 7 tested applications, it is clear that Zoner Antivirus was most effective.

Before you give body and soul to which antivirus you are not sure of the total efficiency, you can start by follow certain basic rules to limit the risk of infection. After all, the first protection is vigilance.

  •  Do not download illegally applications: It is tempting to get on a forum or anywhere on the internet hacked apk file from the application fee that you want for free. However, there is a high risk that it was handled in the meantime by a cyber-criminal.
  • Check the names of authors on the Android Market: Applications syphilitic may be available on the Android Market itself. Indeed, it is very easy for hackers to create a developer account and provide users with an application containing malware. If the latter is a household name (not yet available on the Market), verify that the name of the author is correct. F-Secure offers a such fraudulent on their blog.

  • Frequently monitor their bill: If malware sends a premium SMS from your mobile without you know it, you’ll soon find out. Better to limit its action time by detecting at early stage.
  • Do not leave her phone number and email address on the internet


If the malware are still not widespread in Android, they are beginning to occupy a niche left vacant by the lack of control of Google. It must be said that with the growing success of Android, the pirates saw the gap.

The antivirus do not have all the anti-malware protection they promise. Should therefore be vigilant and respect the rules of the game up (no illegal downloading) not to take unnecessary risks. Once infected, your smartphone is not your friend and it is too late.

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srinu smart - January 20, 2012

Installed kaspersky dude. better to install an antivirus on mobiles now a days.

Mandar - July 10, 2013

Although Android is a derivative of Linux- safest OS of all, one cannot guarantee that it won’t be affected by viruses. So its always a good deal to install anti-virus programmes in Android phones. I feel Avast is better than any other AV.


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