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Create Animated Avatars of Android Contacts adding Interactivity to Phonebook

BuddyCon is one just hilarious Android app which you really don’t want to miss. What’s make it so special is its creative features which lets you create Animated Avatars of Android Contacts instead of dull boring stacked up Phonebook. Lets have some fun going through its useful features.

With BuddyCon users can create hilarious avatars of their contact list which provides a lot of features to use, just under their fingertips. Creating contact avatars is fun and so is using them in any messaging environment created by BuddyCon. From BuddyCon settings, just pick one of the contact from your list to totally tweak it’s style the way you want them to be.

How to Create Animated Avatar

From BuddyCon Settings, choose to create a BuddyCon contact, now you can add a new face to your BuddyCon avatar from your gallery. Apart from usual contact info, BuddyCon also allows you to add GTalk ID for the easier access.

That’s a bit about its features, users can also dress up your avatar the way you want them to be. You can choose different clothes, choose different hair-styles, you can tweak up their backgrounds and themes and more.

In other words, you can convert your friends from contacts to just another cartoon character. But that’s a surprise for later. Not only that, there are some specific games environment, where user created avatars can be used as a character and can turn any event into the Laugh Out Loud Moment. And do not forget to activate Flying game from the BuddyCon settings.

Talking a bit more about BuddyCon Features

  • Double Click the avatar and you are just a call away from your friend.
  • Settings also allows users not to dial for their close friends.
  • Enhance interactivity among the contact list, so is graph on your phone bill. 🙂
  • Quite intuitive user-interface with hilarious features to enjoy.

Oh, it’s quite a long time, you haven’t seen your Android home menu. What’s with the crowd flocking there on your Android home menu. Why not toss some of them to know more about it. Yeah toss them higher!

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