Use Android as Remote Webcam & Wireless Video Recorder on Windows / Linux

With an Android handset we have lot of options at hand. We can use it to perform simple or complex tasks any time we wish. Using an Android phone as a remote Webcam is a need that may rise from time to time and situations unavoidable.You can perform this task over Bluetooth but the best option will be to do it over WiFi as you get more range and hence flexibility of use. Now lets go through the process.

How to Convert Android Handset to a Wireless Webcam


Download: Smartcam Windows

Download: Smartcam Linux

Once the PC version is downloaded, go for the Android application. The Smartcam Webcam for android is small and free.

Setup Smartcam Webcam


remote android webcam free app

It is an easy to use app and the only setting that you have to choose is the mode of connection. If you are choosing mode as WiFi you can give any port you wish. Just take care to enter the same in the phone app setting.

Android App:

remote android webcam free app

Open the smartcam android app and go to settings. Choose the appropriate settings corresponding to the settings given in the windows application. For connection through WiFi, you have to enter the network TCP/IP address of your computer.

remote android webcam free app

[alert-announce] You can disable phone standby to prevent disconnection. Also change WiFi sleep policy if needed.[/alert-announce]

You can easily get Computer IP from connection properties of WiFi. Enter the same Port address as you have given on PC application. Once these settings are done, Tap on the connect option from the phone app. The video will start streaming instantly.

remote android webcam free app

The maximum resolution provided by Smartcam is 640×480 though you can select lower resolutions as per your needs. The best thing is that you can also record the streaming video. Just click on the Start Capture button and you will get the option to name the file and select  its location.

Using Smartcam with Video Chatting Applications

remote android webcam free app

Using Smartcam with any other windows video chat application is easy. All you need to do is start the Smartcam app and then select it as a camera source on any application you are using. Here I have tried it with Skype and everything worked perfectly.

If you prefer to manage your phone in wireless mode you have complete android management desktop software and you can also use your browser to control your Phone.

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