WTF: Apple Wants to Register Leaf in Their Logo as Trademark

Apple is already infamous for patenting weird things but now, this is ridiculous. They took one more step ahead this time. It is completely beyond my understanding and common sense to register the leaf above apple in their logo. And that’s the reason, people make fun of iPad and iPhone.

This bizarre proposal was made at the European Trademark Registry, the European body responsible for the protection of intellectual property on 3rd December 2012. And despite looking like just another one of those useless records that serve only to play with the system, the consequences can be much more serious than they seem.

apple logo leaf trademark

The Leaf in logo isn’t any complex shape but a simple oval. So, they are basically trying to register a geometric shape which is used more often. Web Graphics designers will be directly affected by this move because it is a shape used while creating logos for brands and other visual works.

According to Register, Trademark application covers 10 classes of products including computers, jewellery, educational material, footwear, film streaming services and paper packaging for audio tapes. Apple covered almost all categories, even those where Apple does not act.

So, any sharp ended oval like shape cannot be used in any of your work if trademark is granted. And doing so will result in legal action from Apple, Inc. Cupertino. This will be a huge headache for everyone.

Now, that’s Apple. Always thinking different.

What’s next? White space around the leaf?

Somebody Please Stop this Company.

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Vijay Kudal - December 13, 2012

Should I stop eating apple? that also can be trademarked till now

    Rohit Langde - December 13, 2012

    Hahha.. Good question.
    That day will also come when company will sue Sir. Isaac Newton for using Apple to discover Gravity.

      Mayank - December 13, 2012

      Maybe in near future, Apple will take partly take credit of Sir. Isaac Newton’s work cause an Apple had helped this renowned person to discover gravity…

      Foolish Company…
      I just hope that the news in rumor that around 2014 the Patent System would be improved comes true and they remove foolish patents of Apple…

pritam patil - December 14, 2012

As you also mentioned its Apple and always thinking different,dats the reason it is one worlds famous company list.:)

Suraj - December 18, 2012

What has happened to Apple? Is Tim Cook out of his mind?

Taimoor - December 19, 2012

Indeed very useful and explained! 🙂


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