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Mobile Apps To Find If You are Being Cheated in Relationship and Catch Red Handed

You no more need to hire Detectives to find if you are being cheated in Relationship. Now, if the person you suspect uses a smartphone is an Android or iPhone, you can have several applications to spy on their activities and record to catch then red-handed.

All apps are simple and allow you to check out what the person is doing, the places he frequents and even find out who she’s texting or what numbers she calls more often. The list is also useful for those who want to have a record of the activities of their children, keeping updated information for the safety of children.



PhoneDeck offers complete control over Android device. It allows users to sync phone data, gain insights on phone usage, and also to send and receive SMS and phone calls through the browser.

PhoneDeck Interface

To monitor the suspect, you can signup for PhoneDeck account (from any Email ID as there is no verification) and login to account from app one time. Once done, you can see all the activities on Web browser.

PROs– No Need of Google Account and Offers Insight. Incoming call notification is a novelty but only available for Google Chrome.
CONs– Syncing Device completely is necessary for the first time without letting suspect know about it.


Android On Web

With AndroidOnWeb installed on Android device, you can access and manage the Phone from Web Interface on Computer. All you have to do is login with Google account used on Android device to be tracked.

Android on Web Interface

You can remove the need for permission to monitor and check the messages ever sent, received, added contacts and image gallery. In addition, you can also check the current location of the device if it is connected to the GPS.

After installing, make sure you accept the agreement to make this app work.

PROs– Realtime information about Call Logs, Text messages and nice web interface.
CONs– Google Account Password of Suspect is required.

Download AndroidOnWeb

On Android, Care should be taken that- After installing any of the above app, you should remove the icon from Homescreen and hide it from app drawer. Most Launchers like Go Launcher and Launcher EX PRO have this feature inbuilt.

iPhone Spying Apps

Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone is an application developed by Apple itself so you can find a lost iPhone. With it, you can use other gadgets of the brand to find your device anywhere in the world. The location appears in real time, and you can find several devices at once.

Download Find My iPhone

Find My Friends

The Find My Friends is another app from Apple itself that can help you stay constantly looking at anyone in your network. Again, here we must have another Apple device to make it work. You can check the location of your contacts once they accept your request to share their location.

Download Find My Friends

On iPhone, Free Spying apps offers nothing more than location so I included just the trusted ones. There are some Premium iOS apps for spying which claims (I can’t take guarantee) to offer Call and SMS records but the license prices start from US 100$.

These were all about Smartphones, you can alternatively setup KeyLogger on Windows and Monitor activities on Computer / Laptop remotely. This will help to find out if there is any chance of cheating online through social networks.

Best Mobile Spying Application For Any Phone

I could find these applications only for Android and iPhone. Talking about iPhone, those aren’t dedicated apps for spying. So, I found MSpy which is compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone too.

MSpy offers an easy to use dashboard with every minute details about the user activity. Not just call logs and SMS, it tracks browser history, Emails and lot more including personal Photos and Videos.

Good thing is, the icon of the app is hidden, user who is tracked would never know that is all the activities are tracked.

mspy review

MSpy is quite reliable and easier to manage than other free options. Also, it is cheaper (just 49$) than its competitors who offer same functionality at higher price. So, 1 Month subscription is worth a try. Also, they offer 10 Days  Money back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose if results aren’t worth.

[button-red url=”https://www.blogsolute.com/go/mspy/” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Get MSpy Subscription [/button-red] [clear]

Warning: People doubting their partners may use these applications to kill their doubts and to have the feeling of security. On the other hand it is also true that there is no medicine for doubt. So use these applications very carefully as this can also end a faithful relation if caught by any means.

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Arindam Datta - May 26, 2012

What about Nokia N97 mini,can we install any software

    Rohit Langde - October 4, 2012

    Hey Arindam, You can give try to MSpy which is multi-platform and has support for Symbian too 🙂

Nilesh Patil - June 2, 2012

Really a nice collection for android lovers..
Getting nice valuable use..

    Sourojit Nandi - June 2, 2012

    But do keep the “warning” part in mind 🙂


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